The 31st Of October (Halloween)

The 31st Of October (Halloween)

It’s that time of the year,
The clocks go back,
By 6 o’clock at night,
The streets are filled with black,
The 31st of October, better known as Halloween,
When the dead roam the streets,
It isn’t a scary dream,
Some think it’s fun,
But not anymore,
Cause there’s a clown on the run,
That is scarier than Saw,
He could be knocking on your door,
But you won’t know its him,
Hiding behind his gruesome mask.
With a vicious evil grin,
Ever seen the film the ring?
Well that’s got shit on him,
He’ll rip you limb from limb,
Then chuck you in a bin,
He’s a predator that walks alone,
Everyone one day a year he increases his death toll,
He’s in a mental zone,
And for one day a year that will stay,
Silently prowling around waiting for his prey,
He’s fearless.
He’ll put a blade right through Ya,
Light you on fire and make you look like Freddie Kruger,
If you see dead people,
Then he’s the 6th sense,
That will butcher anyone,
From children to their parents,
If you bump into him,
You will be left in a world full of hurt,
Savagely attacked,
Then buried in the dirt,
Striking at night like a vampire,
Plans he’s perfected they never backfire,
From Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,
He’s the Child Catcher,
But a lot more evil,
Cause he’s a Pain Dispatcher,
Count Dracula,
Would be too scared to get involved,
He’s pure evil,
Over the years his skills have evolved,
He’s caused bag full’s of carnage,
Worse than the Texas Chainsaw Massacre,
Don’t ever fight back,
That fuel just makes him angrier,
He can infect your brain,
Make you believe there’s spiders all over ya,
Scare you to the death,
This brings a whole new meaning to arachnophobia,
With supernatural strength,
Werewolf like Claws,
He can end a life in seconds,
And withdraw without a pause,
Now he’s in your brain,
You best call an exorcist,
Before you feel the pain,
Of someone who might not even exist,
So you decide if you want to go out this Halloween,
If you die it’s on your own head,
Things may be as real as they seem,
This is the real Dawn Of The Dead……….

A Poem By Corey Booth 28/10/11 🙂



Schizophrenia is a major mental illness that causes changes in perception, thoughts and behaviour,
With the Cannabis smoked and the stress people are under the chances of getting it are greater,
It is a complex condition that defies simple description,
But a distinction can be made between two broad types,
The most common of the two is Acute Schizophrenia,
This is when a previously healthy person starts giving off a different criteria,
It can take the form of hallucinations, irrational beliefs or disordered thoughts,
They will have to undergo interrogations,  pain reliefs and daily reports,
Mood disturbance often accompanies acute schizophrenia,
Which could be depression, anxiety, irritability or euphoria,
Emotional responses are often inappropriate for their surroundings,
For example laughing while speaking about other people drowning,
Generally, a schizophrenic knows where they are in time and place,
But still inside their mind their in a confused space,
With auditory hallucinations, suspiciousness and thoughts spoken aloud,
They have their own opinions, their careless but they can turn it around,
With the belief they are under the control of another influence,
Desperately seeking that feeling of insouciance,
They believe that thoughts are being put into or taken out of their mind,
So the best place for them is the hospital to help them unwind,
A schizophrenic may have different perceptions of the world to the rest of us,
This is the fear and anxiety coming out and they need people they can trust,
Sufferers may become preoccupied with certain issues,
Some of them sad which will drive you to tissues,
They may express paranoid ideas or respond to the hallucinations they experience,
Hearing people’s voices that aren’t there but to get better they need resilience,
The second type is called chronic schizophrenia which is a long-term state,
Which includes social withdrawal and an inability to concentrate,
Left to their own devices, they may spend long periods of time doing nothing,
It’s like their wearing mental disguises,  Both them and their families suffering,
As with the acute state, hallucinations and delusions are common,
But lucky for suffers  nowadays help is always there as an option,
Under activity and slowness with neglect to appearance,
This help is a bonus which will help their perseverance,
One in a hundred people will develop schizophrenia in their lifetime,
So let’s spread the symptoms and the awareness and give them a lifeline.

A Poem By Corey Booth 27/10/11


Background Of The Freestyle/Rhyme/Rap/Poem

The reason behind this rhyme is that i used to have a friend who always gave me
abuse for being in a relationship just because he could never get one of his
own, id have the usual insults like “loved up fool” and “whipped mess” but that
didn’t really bother me. Then after i split with my ex girlfriend he decided to
become friends with her and ditch me in an attempt to get into her knickers!
When this attempt failed he tried running back to me, well this clown doesn’t
associate with backstabbers 😉


When I’m loved I’m up,
Up out of bed getting whipped,
The whip is hard I’m out of bounds,
Above the ground but under the thumb,
Not dumb,
In a relationship, the ship is never sinking,
No point thinking,
It’s not gonna happen, crazy pattern,
Which you don’t like, get on your bike,
You have had your say, cycle away,
You just don’t like to see me happy,
Now im angry,
But your jealous, now good friendless,
Just a lonely person who needs to get laid,
like a middle aged woman with no man and no toys to play,
You could play with your xbox,
According to you my ex rocks,
Well you couldn’t be more wrong,
Then again two wrongs may make a right,
Both bad on my sight,
So i suggest you have a Muller Light instead of a kebab tonight,
Just some advice, I suggest you take it,
Making me irritated, Not anymore are you needed,
The only thing you need is a beating,
Like a heart, I hope it attacks, Fatal if that,
And if that happens I’m going to smile,
Cause the word on the street Karma’s been waiting for a while,
Now your fucked, outa luck,
I don’t care, Go over there,
Outa my face, As a friend your a disgrace,
Your the worst thing i’ve ever put my trust in,
I engraved it into you like you were my diary,
Then over that little slag you had to lie to me,
Do the sly to me,
Your never going to be forgiven,
Now its time for me to relax,
Ive just ripped up our friendship like its a piece of paper,
So cry me a river and go and drown yourself in it later!

A Freestyle By Corey Booth 25/10/11 🙂

Left With Tina Turners Album

Background on this poem/freestyle/rhyme

I woke up this morning and thought it would be a good idea if i tried to make a freestyle poem before i had even left my bed to see if it would make my brain function better throughout the day and make the poetry i write later on that bit better! I woke up in a funny mood so this is more of a comedy freestyle, so don’t get offended by anything it’s just some fun, this is wrote down with no changes it’s exactly how it came out of my little clown brain 😀

Left With Tina Turners Album

This rhyme has not got a meaning,
Like a woman, stick to the cleaning,
Screaming, like I’m on a roller coaster,
Or little girls seeing a Justin Bieber poster,
If your big I’ll toast ya,
If you’re a chicken I’ll roast ya,
Then ill feed you to my kittens,
They have cold paws, can’t find their mittens,
Good riddance, Gadaffi’s dead,
Found him in a tube, he made his own bed,
I enter a tube with lube,
I don’t want to be crude its rude,
Like running into a care home nude,
So I get naked,
Then get a kitten and shake it,
Irritate it,
Find a blackboard and with my finger nails scrape it,
Damn, now my middle nail I have injured it,
Disfigured it,
It’s now an emergency,
Really needing a shit adds to the urgency
So I found a donkey who gave me surgery,
Then he kicked me in the face and nicked my phone, burglary,
So I lay on the floor and nearly got hit by a woman driver,
She got out and said “Ouch you look sore, you’re lucky to be a survivor,”
She offered to take me home, I had to guide her,
I whispered in her ear that I wanted to divide her,
She went crazy, scarier than a spider,
Rammed lip-gloss in my mouth and stabbed me with her eye liner,
Called me a disgrace then chucked me out of the car and spat in my face,
There was me thinking she thought I was handsome,
Left me there clutching to her Tina Turner album,
Remember Donkeys are a phantom,
This freestyle has been a lot more than random =/

A Freestyle By Corey Booth 21/10/11 🙂



In my life now I’m in a dark murky place,
There seems to be no way out of this bleak confined space,
I’ve tried so hard to get over this hurdle,
My mind is scarred and my body is hurtful,
I’m not to blame for this mental tragedy,
Not much keeping me sane, people causing catastrophe,
Without these people my life would be splendid,
I want it to be peaceful, like God intended,
A horrible feeling of worry, pressure and hassle,
Life’s deplorable, I wish I was the king of my own castle,
This is an emotion that is just attached to my heart,
Hanging down from upon it, like it’s a piece of art,
The problem with this art is its dingy and black,
Tearing me apart, my brains under attack,
I feel helpless, someone move the obstruction,
leaving me breathless, This is basically abduction,
Hopefully my strength will get me through this torment,
Happiness at length,  just a part of life, an evil segment,
So the challenge is to break through this barricade,
So I’m going to charge forward and blow it up like a hand grenade,
People who relate to this you need to find your voice,
Don’t await bliss, but if you do that’s your choice…

A Poem By Corey Booth 20/10/11 🙂

Score Settled

Background Of This Rhyme/Poem/Rap

I found out my ex girlfriend has been telling everyone i made her have an
abortion, even though she was using contraceptive all through our relationship
and i don’t mean just one, she was on both the pill and the injection, so there
is no way she could of been pregnant. Apparently i knew she was pregnant and
told her i want nothing to do with the baby so she got rid of it, well actually
i never heard about all these stupid accusations so its my time to set the
record straight and because I’m cool I’m settling it in the form of a rhyme

Score Settled

Ive heard enough, its time for me to settle the score,
I’m not gonna leave you run your mouth anymore,
So bitch sit down and listen,
I’m about to get lyrical,
Said there was something growing in your belly,
It must of been a fucking miracle,
You were on the pill and also the injection,
And you hardly ever sat on my erection even with all that contraceptive protection,
So bitch why say lies?
Its not my problem all them crisps were going to your thighs,
Including the pies, its obvious your stomach will grow before your eyes,
So the truth of the matter is you never had an abortion,
You just needed an excuse cause you were getting fat and out of proportion,
So take a hint telling lies is not good,
Neither was our relationship, i had to think of Elisha just to get wood!
But still i never treated you badly,
Cause if i did i would have cut you into little pieces and you would only be telling lies to physic sally,
So this is the end to the rumours but not to the abuse,
Whore you got to be kidding if you think I’m ever calling a truce,
Cause you have a concience and ive labelled it guilty,
So the jokes on you, your hate built me!

A Score Settling Poem By Corey Booth 20/10/11 🙂



Nowadays the worlds a different place,
People killing because of religion or a different race,
It’s a disgrace,
What I find fun is watching pulp fiction,
But these days the trend seems to be crack addiction,
No exaggeration,
People are so stressed they turn to weed,
With no time to sleep their taking speed,
Extreme indeed,
Young girls having bodies like a twig,
Buying children’s clothes, everything else is too big,
Scared of being a pig,
While laying on their back they feel in their element,
For fun these days they just try and get pregnant,
Weren’t this evident?
The world’s economy just isn’t growing,
With no jobs young people’s boredom is showing,
Doing things without knowing,
As young as 5 children start smoking,
In that case by 12 they’ll  probably start chocking,
Behaviour governments provoking,
This is what happens when you cut youth club funding,
Parents and children all huffing and puffing,
Social lives suffering,
This is the reason behind gangs in communities,
The youth aren’t given enough opportunities,
No immunities,
Small businesses are closing down,
With hardly any shops its dead in the town,
We all just frown,
Everyone seems angry, the moneys the stress,
Studied in college but no use for the skills they possess,
I have to confess,
I don’t see things getting better in the near future,
But hopefully any violence will stop sooner,
This is Nowadays not just a rumour….

A Poem By Corey Booth 19/10/11 🙂

Family Relationship (A quick poem)

Family Relationship

Your family are crazy,
Turning me insane,
Your going to lose me,
I can’t take the strain,

Everyday their there,
Making us stressed,
All they do is swear,
Well it’s time to protest,

Your phones always ringing,
No time on our own,
To my brain their clinging,
Invading my private zone,

They have a tablet addiction,
Spending all their money on cigarettes,
Their a disease, an infection,
All their life they have had no regrets,

I’ve now finally had enough,
I just can’t cope with the stress,
If you don’t like it tough,
It’s a problem I had to address,

Hopefully we can resolve,
This morale lowering configuration,
Where your parents aren’t involved,
In our everyday situation.

A Poem By Corey Booth 19/10/11  🙂



No longer do my thoughts need to be subliminal,
I’ve found my voice so it’s time for me to get lyrical,
Your gonna need a miracle cause my presence is more than just physical,
I’m critical,
For all the times you bullied me I’m standing up,
Writing it in a rhyme to finally shut you up,
Your drinking out of a tainted cup,
You drove me crazy on the verge of insanity,
Your just a beast to humanity but now I’m back to normality,
With a new mentality,
I’ve never been so stronger or bigger,
These lyrics I’m creating couldn’t come out of my mind any quicker,
I’ll drive you to liquor,
Cause I’m going to get confined in your mind,
I’m going to be that heading that you have underlined,
And I hope you find,
That I have transferred to you all my fears,
You will be the one depressed and sitting in your tears,
Worse than arrears,
I’m going to be big, you’re going to be nothing,
You must be drunk off that liquor if you think I’m bluffing,
No longer suffering,
I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve like it’s a tattoo,
No longer getting victimized I’ve finally broke though,
I know what to do,
I’m gonna delete you like your a junk email,
So I’ll be free to succeed and prevail,
On a huge scale,
I’ve just got to piece it together like it’s a jigsaw,
Finally focussed, I know what I’m heading for,
The worlds there to explore,
Without dreams it would just be sleep,
So remember that line cause this rhyme was deep,
I’m no longer the black sheep…..

A Rhyme By Corey Booth 18/10/11 🙂

Help Them Find Their Voice (Child Abuse Symptoms)

Help Them Find Their Voice

In the blistering heat,
The child wore clothes,
To hide her sores,
She got told not to expose,

Refusal to explain injuries,
Left her open to more hurt,
Bald patches on her head,
Clothes full of dirt,

Self destructive tendencies,
Aggression towards others,
With parents as enemies,
Everyday she suffers,

Fear of physical contact,
Shrinking back if touched,
Her posture is compact,
On her teddy she clutched,

Constantly hungry,
Poor personal hygiene,
Just wants food in her tummy,
And a loving mummy,

Has untreated medical problems,
No social relationships,
Fear of any new situation.
This isn’t in life’s scripts,

This is child abuse,
Help them find their voice,
Put an end to the confuse,
This life isn’t their choice.

A Poem By Corey Booth 18/10/11