Nowadays the worlds a different place,
People killing because of religion or a different race,
It’s a disgrace,
What I find fun is watching pulp fiction,
But these days the trend seems to be crack addiction,
No exaggeration,
People are so stressed they turn to weed,
With no time to sleep their taking speed,
Extreme indeed,
Young girls having bodies like a twig,
Buying children’s clothes, everything else is too big,
Scared of being a pig,
While laying on their back they feel in their element,
For fun these days they just try and get pregnant,
Weren’t this evident?
The world’s economy just isn’t growing,
With no jobs young people’s boredom is showing,
Doing things without knowing,
As young as 5 children start smoking,
In that case by 12 they’ll  probably start chocking,
Behaviour governments provoking,
This is what happens when you cut youth club funding,
Parents and children all huffing and puffing,
Social lives suffering,
This is the reason behind gangs in communities,
The youth aren’t given enough opportunities,
No immunities,
Small businesses are closing down,
With hardly any shops its dead in the town,
We all just frown,
Everyone seems angry, the moneys the stress,
Studied in college but no use for the skills they possess,
I have to confess,
I don’t see things getting better in the near future,
But hopefully any violence will stop sooner,
This is Nowadays not just a rumour….

A Poem By Corey Booth 19/10/11 🙂

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