Score Settled

Background Of This Rhyme/Poem/Rap

I found out my ex girlfriend has been telling everyone i made her have an
abortion, even though she was using contraceptive all through our relationship
and i don’t mean just one, she was on both the pill and the injection, so there
is no way she could of been pregnant. Apparently i knew she was pregnant and
told her i want nothing to do with the baby so she got rid of it, well actually
i never heard about all these stupid accusations so its my time to set the
record straight and because I’m cool I’m settling it in the form of a rhyme

Score Settled

Ive heard enough, its time for me to settle the score,
I’m not gonna leave you run your mouth anymore,
So bitch sit down and listen,
I’m about to get lyrical,
Said there was something growing in your belly,
It must of been a fucking miracle,
You were on the pill and also the injection,
And you hardly ever sat on my erection even with all that contraceptive protection,
So bitch why say lies?
Its not my problem all them crisps were going to your thighs,
Including the pies, its obvious your stomach will grow before your eyes,
So the truth of the matter is you never had an abortion,
You just needed an excuse cause you were getting fat and out of proportion,
So take a hint telling lies is not good,
Neither was our relationship, i had to think of Elisha just to get wood!
But still i never treated you badly,
Cause if i did i would have cut you into little pieces and you would only be telling lies to physic sally,
So this is the end to the rumours but not to the abuse,
Whore you got to be kidding if you think I’m ever calling a truce,
Cause you have a concience and ive labelled it guilty,
So the jokes on you, your hate built me!

A Score Settling Poem By Corey Booth 20/10/11 🙂

8 comments on “Score Settled

  1. This is so good, I like the anger in it :p (that might be weird but I can’t help it)
    Oh and doesn’t that girl know that being both on pill and injection isn’t good or healthy at all? :s She’s getting way too many hormones into her body! You can get fat just because of that 🙂

    • clownponders says:

      It don’t sound weird it makes you cool haha! Well she’s an idiot so she probably does not know, I’m just glad I’ve got away from her, I’ve been with Elisha for 6 months and she’s still spreading rumours the fool!

      • Oh thanks :p If she doesn’t know she must be an idiot!
        6 months, congratulations^^ That’s foolish indeed, she must be very angry about the two of you breaking up or something because why else would someone do such a thing? :s

  2. wordsfallfrommyeyes says:

    Wow, for you to have to bear those rumours is pretty nasty. I seriously hope you’re holding up okay. I think it’s great you’ve let it out in your blog in such a lyrical and strong way. Good on you – hope she reads it 🙂

  3. clownponders says:

    I dont know why shes doing it tbh shes just crazy haha!
    Yes the rumours are nasty but ive had my say now so im just going to leave anything else she says go over my head 🙂 I hope she reads it too! She might realise she needs to stop lieing then!

  4. Anita S says:

    I like the raw, unfettered emotion in this poem. You really lay it on the line, and that intensity works to make great poetry!

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