In my life now I’m in a dark murky place,
There seems to be no way out of this bleak confined space,
I’ve tried so hard to get over this hurdle,
My mind is scarred and my body is hurtful,
I’m not to blame for this mental tragedy,
Not much keeping me sane, people causing catastrophe,
Without these people my life would be splendid,
I want it to be peaceful, like God intended,
A horrible feeling of worry, pressure and hassle,
Life’s deplorable, I wish I was the king of my own castle,
This is an emotion that is just attached to my heart,
Hanging down from upon it, like it’s a piece of art,
The problem with this art is its dingy and black,
Tearing me apart, my brains under attack,
I feel helpless, someone move the obstruction,
leaving me breathless, This is basically abduction,
Hopefully my strength will get me through this torment,
Happiness at length,  just a part of life, an evil segment,
So the challenge is to break through this barricade,
So I’m going to charge forward and blow it up like a hand grenade,
People who relate to this you need to find your voice,
Don’t await bliss, but if you do that’s your choice…

A Poem By Corey Booth 20/10/11 🙂

10 comments on “Trapped

  1. nice poem very nice to read wel done keep up the good work

  2. wordsfallfrommyeyes says:

    Wow, your stuff is great. I could relate to this one a lot.

  3. Hi there Clown Rhymes,

    You haven’t responded to my message I left on your ‘About Me’. I would be really honoured if you let me nominate you for a One Lovely Blog award and let me read one of your poems on video – I’m planning to make the video this weekend and so would really, really like to hear from you if you give me permission to read your words, give credit to you, and put a link to your page.

    Please could you respond?

    If you never got it, the below is what I left on your ‘About Me’ – the below is my request to do a video reading of one of your poems…..


    Hello Katerina, Phil, Anne, Carrot, Erectitudes, Clown Rhymes, Lady (with a truck ), Guess what I did today, What happened to Alice, Traces of Jupiter, Barking in the Dark, KLRS09 (all that matters), Edward, Sk8erchrissheek, Waefarer.

    If your name is embolded, it means I have your email address. If your name is NOT embolded, it means I’m going to have to post this as a comment on your blog – but to be discrete as possible, I will post it in the ‘About You’.

    I figured after asking the first couple of Gravatars could I have their email address that most people don’t seem to want their email address out there so my best approach, with respect for your privacy, is to paste this as a comment.

    Mid October Katerina very generously awarded me the One lovely blog award. I was honoured, sincerely, but it seemed too much work to accept it (sorry!). BUT THEN, October 30 Phil awarded me the Versatile blog award. Again I was chuffed – it really is lovely to be thought of like this. I then thought, maybe I can accept both awards in one post, and highlight some of my favourite bloggers in the meantime.

    I wish to do a video which opens with links to both Katerina’s page and Phil’s page AND a quote of 1-2 (no more) paragraphs of one of your blogs, read by me – and then telling the viewer that to see the end of that post, visit the blog!

    The video would then move on to me doing a reading of 1-2 paras (no more) of each and every other one of you others, as I wish to nominate you all for these awards too – as you others would be my nominees.

    IT MUST BE UNDERSTOOD THAT ACCEPTING NOMINATION IS NOT ESSENTIAL – IT IS ENTIRELY OPTIONAL (which is why I didn’t think I could be bothered with the first nomination – oh the rules on acceptance!). You accept it or don’t; it’s up to you – in the very least, it’s nice to be mentioned.

    I request your permission to read 1-2 paras of your work on a video, and then finish the read with a link to your page, and announcing you as a nominee. If you don’t like this idea at all, you are so very free to say no thanks.

    I require your consent because to me words are quiet precious. You bring them to mind and arrange them in your style and you begift whomever you wish to, and it just may be that you don’t want your words going too far.

    Today is Sunday 6 November to me. For all the people who respond to me at saying yes I may quote their words in the video, I will do those people only. If you don’t respond, or if you respond to say ‘no, please don’t’, I respect fully your wishes.

    I intend to film next Saturday and hopefully have the video up by early next week. So I do look forward to hearing from you.

    That wasn’t exactly brief, but I did need to say it and not everyone had an email address.

    Kindest best to you, fellow bloggers, & some of you being subbers too.


    • clownponders says:

      Sorry I have not responded sooner, had a lot of personal things going on butt everythings blown over now 🙂 Yes of course you can read whatever you want and I feel honoured to even be involved in tthe nominations of the award 🙂

  4. Awesome….. i like your style of writing…

  5. i mayfly says:

    a raw, honest voice. the passion speaks loud and clear!

    thanks for the follow & the like.

    This work bravely illustrates your desire to “bring people out of a dark place” – very admirable; I relate to that task. I guess “Silence” (for me) was an exercise in pulling myself from that hole I call Despair. Whatever works, I say.

  6. Ria Robinson says:

    You have a true gift.

  7. noirfifre says:

    I can relate, I am finding my voice.

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