Schizophrenia is a major mental illness that causes changes in perception, thoughts and behaviour,
With the Cannabis smoked and the stress people are under the chances of getting it are greater,
It is a complex condition that defies simple description,
But a distinction can be made between two broad types,
The most common of the two is Acute Schizophrenia,
This is when a previously healthy person starts giving off a different criteria,
It can take the form of hallucinations, irrational beliefs or disordered thoughts,
They will have to undergo interrogations,  pain reliefs and daily reports,
Mood disturbance often accompanies acute schizophrenia,
Which could be depression, anxiety, irritability or euphoria,
Emotional responses are often inappropriate for their surroundings,
For example laughing while speaking about other people drowning,
Generally, a schizophrenic knows where they are in time and place,
But still inside their mind their in a confused space,
With auditory hallucinations, suspiciousness and thoughts spoken aloud,
They have their own opinions, their careless but they can turn it around,
With the belief they are under the control of another influence,
Desperately seeking that feeling of insouciance,
They believe that thoughts are being put into or taken out of their mind,
So the best place for them is the hospital to help them unwind,
A schizophrenic may have different perceptions of the world to the rest of us,
This is the fear and anxiety coming out and they need people they can trust,
Sufferers may become preoccupied with certain issues,
Some of them sad which will drive you to tissues,
They may express paranoid ideas or respond to the hallucinations they experience,
Hearing people’s voices that aren’t there but to get better they need resilience,
The second type is called chronic schizophrenia which is a long-term state,
Which includes social withdrawal and an inability to concentrate,
Left to their own devices, they may spend long periods of time doing nothing,
It’s like their wearing mental disguises,  Both them and their families suffering,
As with the acute state, hallucinations and delusions are common,
But lucky for suffers  nowadays help is always there as an option,
Under activity and slowness with neglect to appearance,
This help is a bonus which will help their perseverance,
One in a hundred people will develop schizophrenia in their lifetime,
So let’s spread the symptoms and the awareness and give them a lifeline.

A Poem By Corey Booth 27/10/11

37 comments on “Schizophrenia

  1. wordsfallfrommyeyes says:

    I do know about schizophrenia. It’s in my family. This was a good blog. Hope your friend is coping okay.

  2. davidtenn says:

    There is an aspect to this or these conditions
    that is ignored by most of our physicians
    there is little or no understanding
    of the psychic state nor following
    the realms of consciousness
    that pervade the selflessness
    of the personalities
    existing in realities
    where we only condone
    the reality of one.

  3. Olive Tree says:

    thank you for writing this. I used to work at a mental health hospital, so I’ve seen both drug-induced hallucinations that borderline with schizophrenia and the chronic schizophrenia itself. not a pretty sight. this is why I’m very thankful for my MIND, as I said in my blog. you did a good job writing this piece and informing your readers about schizophrenia. i hope your friend will recover and get better. there is hope with schizophrenia or drug abuse, but it takes a strong mind and a strong support system (friends like you) for a mental illness patient to get better. good luck to you and your friends. ~Olive Tree

    • clownponders says:

      As soon as i found out my friend was diagnosed with it i had to do some research about it and i thought to myself if i didnt know much about schizophrenia then probably alot of other people dont either so thats how this rhyme came about. Thanks, i know support is everything, hes gradually getting better but he still is not half the person he was before 😦 Thank you so much for the comment it means alot 🙂

    • matrixilluminos says:

      spot on, and i do not think i would be where i am with the amazing support i have…even my boss! i have never been able to hold down employment in the past 25 years, fired from every job, so my boss pretty much came straight and said get treatment, or i will have to let you go… my wife, too ;P

      now receiving treatment+meds, it is still the hardest thing i have ever dealt with in my life, finally dealing with the core issues of my difficulties! honestly, i am barely holding the job down, and don’t know if it will last…

      I abused LSD, ecstasy and pot for nearly 20 years… my friends, PLEASE learn from my mistakes, this is serious stuff! i would not wish my terrifying visual hallucinations and disturbing, paranoid audio hallucinations, and the anxiety on anyone… not to mention the mood swings, rage and depression that cycle through

      thank you ClownPonders for such an amazing insight to an illness that so many suffer from terribly

      • ClownPonders says:

        I tried my best to get every symptom across and how the person feels, as a sufferer yourself I am glad you liked the poem, hopefully it will give people an insight about how sufferers are feeling!

  4. slpmartin says:

    Very difficult subject to address…few understand the lasting effects of certain drugs and how long they remain in the brain.

    • clownponders says:

      I know, i smoked Cannabis for 4 years every single day and now my memory has terribly suffered from it! Luckily I grew up before my friend did and he continued and even went onto harder drugs, so sad to see someone suffering from it 😦

  5. William Leed says:

    Well written. Informative but expressed with raw emotions.
    In the Bible book of Ecclesiastes the human brain is poetically called, “the golden bowl”. The brain is not only the precious receptacle of our memories but also the command center for our entire nervous system. With that in mind, the Institute of Medicine can say with confidence that Cannabis produces acute effects on the brain, including chemical and electrophysiological changes. It definitely should not be dismissed as a harmless drug
    Thanks for your post.

  6. danroberson says:

    Your message is very informative, thought provoking, and packs a punch. Thanks for sharing.

  7. powerful post…I know a guy, Larry, who ran from home in his teens. He led a wild life on city streets in eastside Vancouver. Doing drugs stole his health and Larry became schizophrenic. He tried to take his life a few years later by jumping out a window at a Salvation Army hospice and ended up in a wheelchair.Today Larry lives on social assistance and doesn’t have much in this world. He writes ‘Poems on the Spot’ from his wheelchair on a street corner. And he whips out words in seconds. Ask him about anything and he’ll write about it. Here’s a poem he wrote for me called, “Happiness”


    People are happiest when their internal critic
    has the least to say.

    Regardless of political or religious ideology
    It is hard to be happy
    When in conflict with what you hold true.

    And when you are happy it is easy to lose it
    When you run into conflict with yourself.

    A clear conscience is a big help for happiness.

    It’s kind of like being joyful in all things.
    Or like knowing the peace that passes understanding.

    So when people seem happy…
    If it is a happiness that comes from something
    Which robs others of personal safety
    It is at best a temporary high, not happiness.
    As soon as happiness is at someone else’s expense
    Excitement dies.
    And you’re back on the merry-go-round until you get off
    Or get both feet back on the ground.

    But the peace which passes understanding is not like this.

    It is what alone makes it possible to be joyful.

    To be joyful in any circumstance.

    And when you are free to express yourself
    It is then that the voice of conscience speaks
    only happiness and healing.

    So the happiness we really seek
    Is a humble and contrite spirit
    Which God will not despise.

  8. Caddo Veil says:

    I REALLY appreciate you sharing this. Mental illness is a difficult spectrum of disease, and so common–and there is still much stigma and misunderstanding about it. And it is unusual that a young person would draw a connection between “recreational” drugs and mental illness. I agree that drugs are not always the culprit, but it’s a significant risk for everyone to take.

    Thank you for speaking openly. (And thanks, also, for visiting “my place”!) May God richly bless you today!

  9. gigoid says:

    I’m glad you liked today’s post (patrolling penguins); thanks for dropping by. I checked this poem out this morning, and found it to be moving and clever, and catches the edge of some of the intense fear schizophrenics live with every day. Having been a Psychiatric Technician for many years, I came to be very familiar with a lot of folks who struggled with it in their lives. It is frightening for them, and disturbing for others to watch, or have to cope with. Since retiring from working in the California State Hospital system, I’ve written a few pieces re: my experiences working with the mentally ill. One you might enjoy can be found at

    I like your work, and look forward to hearing when you post. And I hope you continue to enjoy mine….take care….

  10. Thomas Davis says:

    This is worth reading. Schizophrenia is a terrible disease that is devastating to those who have had someone they know or love go through its ravages. Thank your for this.

  11. Eric says:

    Good effort buddy – great to have a friend like you.

  12. spill71 says:

    I am sorry about your friend. You could thank him, for opening your eyes, and the eyes of so many others, as he has undergone his illness as a way to make others understand and avoid the path he is on, like a neon sign, he shines of it. That is his contribution, and it is great. You may see him as abandoned, but really, he is a beacon of light.

    • clownponders says:

      Thank you 🙂 I did read this poem to him because he didnt even understand it himself but after it he knew what the illness was all about!

  13. spill71 says:

    Cannabis the deceiver
    The great liar to all
    Cannabis you taught me
    Not to run, but to fall
    Hiding from all
    In the corner of my mind
    Peace within
    Such a temporary find
    A gift
    For a second
    But them I am looking again
    You lie and deceive
    Till the very end
    Only light will crush you
    For you are a very great beast
    With a halo and wings
    Your light does deceive
    Especially the children
    As they laugh and play
    On the playground at night
    And during school of the day
    Life is so hard
    And you offer so much glee
    A temporary high
    You give to thee
    Your consequences hidden
    And never to be found
    For a liars words
    Are unspoken and not found
    The original plan
    Lost to man
    Again, we abuse
    What could have been grand
    For if you boil it down
    and the oil is extracted
    you could cure cancer on your skin
    from melanoma you would be protected
    Everything good
    that was put on earth
    the devil has found a way
    to make it a curse
    People open your eyes
    don’t blame Him for your demise
    Decipher the way
    in which it is just to play.

  14. Kay Salady says:

    I truly appreciate reading your post and am very surprised by the heartfelt response of your readers. In general, the public has reacted to this frightening disorder with disdain and fear. It’s a shame that more people do not educate themselves regarding this issue. It appears that most people despise what they fear, when all they need to do is become acquainted with it. God bless the schizophrenic and please, let him open the minds of the physicians and scientists who care for them. I believe they are thinking inside the box.

    • clownponders says:

      The readers have been fantastic, it made writing the poem worthwhile! I just hope my friend does fully recover because its killing me seeing him like this 😦

  15. For someone like me who has been diagnosed and treated for Borderline Personality Disorder it all makes sense as I have from time to time witnessed the same kind of Emotional Disregulation you describe. It’s awful to think someone can live like that, specially when there’s not medical help, like in my case at the moment. I sympathize with your friend, and your feelings towards him/her and I thank you very much for spreading the word as I’m gonna do the same.

  16. What an insightful piece. Thank you for checking out my blog as well! My one comment would be: could the cannabis that your friend used have possibly been laced with something bad? That could have been the problem, or, it could be as you suggested, he simply wasn’t “wired” to handle even the mildest stuff. I do hope your friend is on the mend!

    • clownponders says:

      It was defiantly the Cannabis that done it! He smoked it every day without fail since he was 13 as my other friends have, some of them it has really had an affect on but others are fine. I believe that its down to the individual, some people can take the strain and badness or drugs but others cannot, unfortunately my friend was not one of them people who could deal with it :/
      Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  17. Thanks for writing about this topic, it is very close to my heart. This is a short excerpt from an article I found on Art And Schizophrenia.
    ” Painters, Writers And Mathematicians
    While schizophrenia often prevents people from reaching their full potential, some schizophrenic artists have produced ground-breaking work. Edgar Allan Poe’s grim, haunting tales may be a fine example of schizophrenic art. People with schizophrenia have also made contributions to science; mathematician John Nash is perhaps the most notable.
    Some argue that the genetics responsible for schizophrenia are closely connected to creativity. Although they didn’t suffer from schizophrenia, both Albert Einstein and James Joyce fathered children who eventually developed the disorder.”
    The rest of the article is here.
    Thanks for liking some posts on my blog. And I will keep and eye on yours, I like what you write about and your story.

  18. Wow, I hope your friend can recover from this. This was such a good post revealing the truth of the abuse of cannabis. I’m gonna have to twitter this one. Thank for sharing and you are an amazing writer! This will definitely touch lives and most likely help people think twice about substance abuse.

  19. Kate says:

    Corey. Thank you for writing your poem and putting this post “out there.” As the mom of two young men and a boy…I appreciate your spreading the (unfortunate) word that weed is a nasty gateway to so much bad, bad…my brother would use the word Juju. (I’m not sure what that means and hope that I’m not swearing or offending in some way not hip way).

    In our day, beer was still the gateway, which too can lead to schizophrenia.

    Cannibus, I have sadly found out, is like candy to my boys generation.

    Enough mom talk…thanks again and keep at the poetry and lyric writing – nice work.

  20. Very powerful stuff. You write very convincingly and my guess is that you’re going to excel at this something pretty soon.

  21. matrixilluminos says:

    Reblogged this on Matrix Illuminos and commented:
    This is an amazing insight into the illness I suffer from, as well as so many others. I have a long family history of schizophrenia in my family, and growing up with hallucinations since as far back as I can remember, I never thought anything of it. Until I grew older and had more problems than I could manage. Unemployed and homeless while stuck in Thailand with no way home, I am amazed I am still alive. It did not help that I abused LSD, ecstasy and marijuana for nearly 20 years. At 18, I was eating 300-400 tabs of LSD a month, and a few years later I bought a vile of LSD and pretty much drank it myself over a two week period. Shortly after that, I attempted to sell 1000 ecstasy tablets and failed to make the money back because I ate 75% of them over a 3 week period. All the while, smoking about 3-4 grams of marijuana a day for years on end, where dealing in ounces to friends enabled this. As you can see, I even failed at being a drug dealer.
    I was also electrocuted by 220V AC, 60HZ, 30 amps, which many doctors have said that could contribute to my illness, coupled with a fall from a second story where I cracked my head pretty good.
    All of these factors together- a huge family history, extreme drug abuse, and the two severe accidents- are what many believe finally manifested the illness. The irony- it really came on a decade after stopping the LSD and ecstasy completely, and smoking weed only occasionally. I had even stopped drinking alcohol for nearly 4 years. Then, without the self-medication, it really began to shine.
    Manic, manic, manic- and delusional. hearing voices, seeing demons come out of the back of peoples heads, watching faces disappear- all of these look nothing like the beautiful trips I had on LSD…never had a bad trip on it, but now stuck in a permanent one.
    PLEASE- learn from my story, read this article a few times to digest what it is saying. There are so many of us that need your help in providing yourself and others with the right information, so that we can all better love on another in this topsy-turvy world. Thank you for reading:)

  22. […] decided to create a post out of a comment I made on ClownPonders post about schizophrenia. While writing it, I realized that my warning may or may not help others, so I wanted to put out […]

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