Broken Idol

Broken Idol

It’s you I look up to,
It’s you I desire to be,
But you don’t care.
You never notice me,
What have I done?
Why is this?
Why don’t I exist?
To yourself?
You’re ignoring me,
Even when I plea,
I’m crying to myself,
I just want you to see,
What you’re doing to me,
On the inside I’m hurting,
From the pain your asserting,
Where’s the comfort?
Where’s the help?
Of this I’m not deserving,
No longer will I plead,
You don’t want me,
I’ve finally agreed,
That it’s me you don’t need,
I won’t be suicidal,
I’ll stand up strong,
You were my idol,
But now you’re gone,
My life you departed,
When it had only just started,
I’m over you,
Just left broken-hearted……

A Poem By Corey Booth – 28/11/11 🙂

Never Give Up

Never Give Up

The world is full of lonely souls,
Who want to succeed in their dreams and goals,
Going solo so they’re not controlled,
Praying  that brilliant life will unfold,
Their goals might be distant,
But they’re still there,
The results won’t be instant,
But they cannot despair,
Just got to keep on working,
New skills keep on learning,
Show everyone their deserving,
In what they desire in life,
In what they require in life,
They WILL climb higher in life,
So grab the world,
Make it your own,
Grab your dreams,
Make them your home,
It’s not up to anyone else,
It’s up to you,
If you just keep on working,
I swear you will break through,
It might be hard,
It might be tough,
But you cannot show life,
That you have had enough,
Just stand up tall,
Stand there strong,
Follow your dreams,
Be where you belong,
Your ability never underrate,
Just keep persevering,
Make your own life great.

A Poem By Corey Booth – 25/11/11 🙂

WWW. (The Power Of “Tion” 2)

Concept internet communication

WWW. (The Power Of “Tion” 2)

I try to show my Imagination,
in a lyrical illustration,
To become a brilliant donation,
That can be viewed all across the nation,
Thanks to the world-wide web creation,
We can all have global communication,
Can get hold of any information,
Just log on for a quick observation,
Or to check an email notification,
Bringing together the Earth’s population,
The internet does have one imperfection,
It can cause cyber humiliation,
This can be racial discrimination,
Or someone’s victimization,
That’s there for everyone’s visualization,
Can cause behaviour modification,
So the internet does have a reputation,
Sometimes it can be a miscalculation,
But its outstanding for socialization,
It can cause disrespectful irritation,
You need to use it to gain a qualification,
And it can help you reaching your graduation,
It’s a daily use in this generation,
Children to grandparents take participation,
But this is just my observation,
On the internet’s domination,
I hope you have enjoyed this presentation.

A Poem By Corey Booth – 24/11/11 🙂

New On The Scene

Background Of The Freestyle

This is a freestyle I wrote a long time ago when i first started rhyming. I thought I should upload it because it involves some good wordplay and metaphors. Its a lot different to my recent work but i hope it still interests you.
I hope you all enjoy 🙂

New On The Scene

People start knowing,
There lyrics are like the waves, their flowing,
Because im going in harder than an olympian rowing,
This aint just a poem,
This is a Clown with a talent he’s finally showing,
Kept quiet since 1991,
But now he’s blowing stuff apart like a Gatling Gun,
New on the scene,
Constructing he’s been,
Just like a transformer he’s a machine,
He’ll mentally tear out your heart then rip you apart,
Infect your brain then drive you insane,
Now he’s in his element,
The destruction is evident,
Who you are is irrelevant,
He’ll take on you and your whole regiment,
Going down for theft because he’s stealing the show,
No haters left they all drown in this flow,
His verbal brakes are faulty,
So there’s no stopping,
No stopping these lyrics he continues dropping,
He’s like the Terminator he always comes back,
No where to hide everyone’s under attack,
Because there’s no escaping,
His verbal raping,
Clowns finally prevailing,
Only the best remaining,
He’s finally out of that abyss,
Narrowed from that gorge,
Climbed out of that pit,
And will no longer be ignored,
Here to destroy all the traitors and his haters,
To make a point to all the strangers and his neighbours,
That hes broke through the barricade,
Theres no longer an obstruction,
This is not a serenade,
This is just destruction,
Cause what you see if what you get,
He’ll put you out like a cigarette,
A walking talking nicorette,
Verbal carnage you will never forget!

A Freestyle By Corey Booth 🙂

Waste Away


This poem is not really about myself, but it is based on someone I know, so I tried putting myself in their shoes and wrote short poem about how they feel in life. In this I tried to mix up my rhyme pattern because ive been doing similar patterns of late, I hope you enjoy 😀

Waste Away

My life has no meaning,
Took so much drugs,
That I have no feeling,
I don’t have no friends,
I’m just all alone,
As my life extends,
I’ll continue on my own,
Just me and my Alcohol,
That’s all I need,
My life has come to a stall,
Even if problems are small,
Inside I will bleed,
I won’t take any support,
I don’t want help,
Even if my life is cut short,
Don’t expect me to yelp,
I just don’t care,
I was born to be a loner,
A Cannabis smoker,
I won’t have regrets,
When I get older,
Don’t like my life,
Then keep out of my way,
I’ve now had my say,
So I’m going to go now,
And waste my life away.

A Short Poem By Corey Booth – 24/11/11 🙂

Jack In The Box

Jack In The Box

My names Corey not Jack,
So why am I trapped in this box?
It feels like the clocks have stopped,
And im locked in this hell,
Imprisoned in this cell,
No matter how loud I yell,
I will never get saved,
Still being enslaved,
Defenceless and trapped,
Senseless and strapped,
Unable to adapt,
To this everyday strain,
To this everyday pain,
To this everyday drain,
My life’s starting to decay,
I wish I was a Bird Of Prey,
So I could just fly away,
Everyday I pray,
But I never get assistance,
Helps keeping its distance,
Whats the point in existence,
When you got next to none resistance?
No there’s no point,
All I seem to do in life is disappoint,
Which is making me frustrated and deflated,
God im asking you why am I so hated?
I’m irritated,
I want to get out of this pit,
Its driving me insane,
I want to commit self harm,
I’ve sounded the alarm,
Someone come before I slice below my palm,
With a blade,
This is not a masquerade,
God I feel betrayed,
With this life you have gave me and displayed,
I’m depressed and afraid,
But I know suicide is not the way,
It would be ungrateful to take my life away,
So please just say,
That you are giving back my soul,
Giving back control,
And from now on my life wont be bad at all,
That’s all I desire and require,
As soon as you give that back,
My life will be back on track,
That’s all I ask,
So God please give me the keys,
To free me from this disease,
My life’s tough and rough,
So God please ive suffered enough…..

By Corey Booth 23/11/11