Should I?

Should I?

Will that break happen,
Should I keep on going,
No one can see the future,
So there’s no way of knowing.

Should I keep on trying,
Should I just give up,
Should I put down my pen,
And say enough is enough.

Should I give up on dreams,
Leave them all behind,
Or just keep working,
Hoping I get signed.

Is my work any good,
Or are people just being polite,
I just can’t stop thinking,
Its keeping me up at night.

I’m not good at much,
But I think I’m good at this,
I’m either by the sun,
Or lost in the mist.

Questions I keep asking,
The answer is still waiting,
Should I just give up,
It’s a decision ill be making.

A Poem By Corey Booth – 08/01/12 🙂