Under Pressure

Under Pressure

Legs start shaking,
The heart has sunk,
Full body aching,
Mind has shrunk.

Words don’t arrive,
Tongue is ensnared,
Unable to contrive,
Eyesight is  impaired.

Feeling the fretfulness,
Loaded with stress,
In entire unhappiness,
Thoughts are a mess.

Mouth is desiccated,
Incapable to adapt,
Mentally devastated,
Idea’s are trapped.

Have you felt like this,
When you’re under pressure,
Wedged in an abyss,
At the end of your tether?

I for one have felt it,
On a regular basis,
I actually embrace it,
In all it’s different cases.

Pressure is natural,
Something everyone goes through,
From Comedians and Singers,
To the president too.

So it’s not just you,
It’s something everyone will feel,
Just pull through,
And get over the ordeal.

A Poem By Corey Booth – 22/02/12 🙂

A Letter To Myself

A Letter To Myself

Dear Corey,
I see you’re now 20 years old,
Wow, you’re all grown up,
With the rest of your life to unfold,
Your life could have been better,
If you done well in school,
But you chose to be the clown,
The funny class fool,
So Corey was it worth it?
Skipping maths class?
At least now you have matured,
An adult at last,
Shame you don’t have many qualifications,
Because you could go far,
But I do still believe,
That you could be a star,
I know the Welsh economy’s terrible,
It’s not your fault your unemployed,
Some credentials would have helped,
That’s the reason I’m annoyed,
You threw your education away,
Just to have a giggle,
But now your chances of getting a job,
Are very incredibly little,
But the person you are,
Is one that makes me unbelievably proud,
From that rebellious teenager,
You have turned it right around,
No longer do you drink,
And you don’t do drugs,
And no longer do you associate,
With them idiotic thugs,
I’m glad you have started writing,
Everyday you write a poem,
And they keep on improving,
I love the talent you are showing,
Well that’s all I have to say,
I’ll now leave your past behind,
I’ll speak to you soon,
Yours dearly, your mind.

A Poem By Corey Booth – 16/02/12 🙂

Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block

Sitting in a room,
With no light,
Waiting for that spark,
To ignite the dark,
But no glow comes,
It’s just you and a pen,
Writing down garbage,
All over again,
The creativity is gone,
You’re mind is blank,
All out of idea’s,
Nothing left in the tank,
With nothing to create,
And nothing to write,
Work you try to produce,
Instead of sleeping at night,
You’re feeling the pressure,
You’re thoughts are lost,
You’re visions indefinitely frozen,
It’s covered in frost,
You can’t find the heat,
That you need for inspiration,
There’s many fires burning,
Just not in your imagination,
Maybe you should take a break,
Give your brain a rest,
Kick back and relax,
And sleep away the stress,
You’re creativity is missing,
But it can still be found,
It has not completely vanished,
You just have to look around,
Can you ever overcome,
This illness called writer’s block,
The gates might be closed,
But they can still unlock.

A Poem By Corey Booth – 15/02/12 🙂

February 14th Valentines Day!

February 14th Valentines Day!

February the 14th,
Valentine’s day,
The day of love,
The day you say,
How much you love,
How much you care,
How much you smile,
And how much you stare,
To the one you love,
To the one you admire,
To the one you adore,
To the one you desire,
A day of emotion,
A day of affection,
A day of devotion,
A day of connection,
That day of giving,
That day of receiving,
That day of forgiving,
And never leaving,
The day to show truth,
The day to show passion,
The day to show proof,
In a high fashion,
The day for lovers,
The day for friends,
The day for others,
You wish never ends,
A day of guarantee,
A day of feeling,
A day of security,
And love revealing,
So on this day,
Say “I love you”
Because they might say,
“I love you too.”

A Poem By Corey Booth – 14/02/12 🙂

A Lonely Addict (Freestyle)

A Lonely Addict (Freestyle)

He lived in a small home,
With no social interaction,
He found himself all alone,
In a fragile zone,
With no money,
With no one to love,
Just blood stained rugs,
And class A drugs,
But eventually he used all them drugs,
And had no money to get more,
Them drugs were his only escape,
Now his mind was sore,
Feeling was something he hadn’t felt in a while,
Slowly fading,
His future futile,
With no one to witness his hardship,
His mind became more and more ghastly,
He needed more drugs right away,
Before he became more and more nasty,
But with no money,
More drugs never came,
He was deprived of his narcotics,
Which turned him insane,
He would sit in the corner,
Speaking to himself,
This rundown man,
Had decaying mental health,
His mind didn’t agree with this drug free altercation,
He wanted to do something deplorable,
His body filled with anger and frustration,
His blood itched with ongoing irritation,
He couldn’t deal with his deranged mentality,
Eradicating his life was the easy way,
His brain telling him to cause a fatality,
Cause he’s too weak and fading away,
He talked himself into it,
He was the opposite of apprehensive,
He grabbed a rope,
And went on the offensive,
As he was ending his own life,
He realised it was such a waste,
A life with nothing to show,
Only the problems it faced,
This life was a loss,
Not many people knew he existed,
But could he have turned it around,
If his mind just resisted???

A Freestyle Poem By Corey Booth – 13/02/12 🙂



Why is there a need to be popular in society?
What happened to people just being themselves?
Around others people change unjustifiably,
When around you they act like their self,
People try to make themselves more interesting,
Even when you know who they really are,
From the real person their distancing,
Some of the things they say are totally bizarre,
Telling fake stories just to get attention,
Acting big and getting in trouble in school,
Because of that they will get detention,
But they don’t care because they think it’s cool,
Even the older want to be accepted,
All ages still want recognition,
Their real personality is closely protected,
Keeping up their act is a daily mission,
Desperately seeking to be in with the crowd,
They will do anything at any cost,
Instead of being themselves and proud,
Their trapped in a body and totally lost,
If they act like themselves they will get gratitude,
They should be the person their meant to be,
There’s no need for all the fake attitude,
They will feel better that’s a guarantee,
So there’s no need to seek popularity,
Loneliness they shouldn’t fear,
Becoming someone else is total insanity,
It’s about time they started seeing clear.

A Poem By Corey Booth – 09/02/12



Bullying to some is a touchy subject,
But defiantly not one we need to neglect,
Bullying is when someone shows deliberate aggression to another,
A constant dominance which causes the victim suffer.

It’s a relationship with unequal power,
When one causes another to cower,
The victim goes through persistent pain and distress,
This is something we need to suppress.

So what are the symptoms and signs?
Well for bullying there are many different kinds,
In school their progress could be limited,
When their spoken to they may not be interested,
The victim could burst into tears easily,
And they could run away from home frequently,
They could stop eating their food,
And be disrespectful and rude,
Walk around fearful,
Or sit there tearful,
They could dread the school walk,
And be too frightened to even talk,
Their possessions could be damaged or missing,
They may try to end the life that their living,
They may be too scared to even leave their home,
These are just some of the reasons victims shouldn’t be alone.

So why does bullying still thrive?
What is the bullies drive?
Is it because adults say “nothing can be done”?
Or is it because they think it’s big and fun?
Is it that the “Anti-bullying policy” is not effective?
Or is it that bullying is just not that detective?

How can it be reduced?
Do harder consequences need to be introduced?
Do we need more public Co-operation?
Weekly discussions to release frustration?
There could be agreed discipline procedures,
And courses to point out bullying features,
We could try to challenge myths and behaviour,
So we can do these victims a favour.

So if bullying is happening to you,
And you can’t stand the torture you go through,
Just use your voice and ask for help,
People do care, don’t silently yelp.

An Awareness Poem By Corey Booth – 08/02/12

Last Words

Last Words

As I lay here,
I remember your last words,
Their still circling after all these years,
“Dont let go of your dreams”
That’s what you said,
As you laid on your death bed,
These words inspired me,
Made me who I am today,
You made me stronger,
Before you went away,
You believed in me,
You got me inspired,
Now I’ll make you proud,
Since you’ve retired,
I’ll keep on writing,
Until my skills are impeccable,
All for you,
Because you were exceptional,
I’ll remove all my defects,
Until I’m perfect,
Again all for you,
Because you deserve it,
You have changed my life,
Made it so much better,
This is the reason,
For this poetic letter,
So when you see this,
Happiness please release,
I love you dearly,
Rest in peace.

A Poem By Corey Booth – 07/02/12 🙂

The Magpie

The Magpie

Sitting on the train during my daily commute,
When a bird flies by and I automatically salute,
Why did this bird make me do such a thing,
Is superstition really a thing I believe in?
What bird makes me do this?  That would be a Magpie,
Does it know this when it’s flying up high?
These handsome rogue’s are internationally hated,
But did the hate start when the superstition was created?
Or is it because of their challenging attitude?
Constantly criticized for being arrogant and rude,
Or is it because they steal shiny things,
From brand new earrings to wedding rings,
Their mainly responsible for the Song Bird drop,
But that’s just nature it’s not meant to stop,
Some say they are in league with the devil,
But that’s over the top, they’re not on that level,
They are social birds that roost together,
That appear daily no matter the weather,
They are cheeky, gorgeous and intelligent birds,
Who do not care about the public’s bad words,
So do they ever cause real sorrow?
Maybe when they steal instead of borrow,
But looking at them makes me feel joy,
When their soaring around for everyone to enjoy,
Especially when you see them in many numbers,
Playing airborne in their black and white jumpers,
Even though we all know the superstition is not true,
Disrespecting this bird people will continue to do,
So stop being negative and appreciate their beauty,
As a human I think that is our duty,
So even if you see one or even ten,
Try not to salute them ever again.

A Poem By Corey Booth – 06/02/12 🙂

Smiling Thoughts

Smiling thoughts

When life gets you down,
When life gets too tough,
Just think of the good times,
All the happy stuff,
The days when you were younger,
Fearless and free,
When you could dress like anybody,
that you wanted to be,
Drawing on your bedroom walls,
Instead of on paper,
Without caring about,
The trouble you were in later,
Being in your bedroom,
For hours on end,
Playing game after game,
With your imaginary friend,
Frustrating your parents,
Thinking it was funny,
“Why did you swallow your cash?”
“You said it was lunch money!”
The times with no responsibility,
When you could do whatever you please,
From riding your bike,
To swinging from tree’s,
So when adulthood gets hard,
Just think back at the past,
Because the memories will make you smile,
And they will always last.

A Poem By Corey Booth (The one I wrote to start week 1 of the poetry challenge) – 24/01/12