Bullying to some is a touchy subject,
But defiantly not one we need to neglect,
Bullying is when someone shows deliberate aggression to another,
A constant dominance which causes the victim suffer.

It’s a relationship with unequal power,
When one causes another to cower,
The victim goes through persistent pain and distress,
This is something we need to suppress.

So what are the symptoms and signs?
Well for bullying there are many different kinds,
In school their progress could be limited,
When their spoken to they may not be interested,
The victim could burst into tears easily,
And they could run away from home frequently,
They could stop eating their food,
And be disrespectful and rude,
Walk around fearful,
Or sit there tearful,
They could dread the school walk,
And be too frightened to even talk,
Their possessions could be damaged or missing,
They may try to end the life that their living,
They may be too scared to even leave their home,
These are just some of the reasons victims shouldn’t be alone.

So why does bullying still thrive?
What is the bullies drive?
Is it because adults say “nothing can be done”?
Or is it because they think it’s big and fun?
Is it that the “Anti-bullying policy” is not effective?
Or is it that bullying is just not that detective?

How can it be reduced?
Do harder consequences need to be introduced?
Do we need more public Co-operation?
Weekly discussions to release frustration?
There could be agreed discipline procedures,
And courses to point out bullying features,
We could try to challenge myths and behaviour,
So we can do these victims a favour.

So if bullying is happening to you,
And you can’t stand the torture you go through,
Just use your voice and ask for help,
People do care, don’t silently yelp.

An Awareness Poem By Corey Booth – 08/02/12

36 comments on “Bullying

  1. milenanik3 says:

    Great poem!I like it very much.

  2. Amra Pajalic says:

    This is an awesome poem. Great work.

  3. Damien Darby says:

    Suppression isn’t called for my friend,
    it is as you say, awareness that we need,
    It will brave souls who like you in the end,
    were willing to speak for the silent who bleed.


  4. a talent is something to hold dear, build stronger, sustain, and share.
    a whip is a tool for punishment, designed to lash, torture, and maim.
    a skill is defined by how well it’s used, abused, misused, or wasted
    a poison melts, ruins, degrades, diffuses, destroys, and kills.
    what’s the difference between pushing and pulling?
    which one feels better to deliver or get?
    thank you, on these two, I now chew.

  5. I was bullied, my son was bullied, how does it stop? We must change our culture. He got big, and learned not to react, to feed the flame. I just rode the wave, and eventually outsmarted them. It should not be a right of passage. My wife tells me that in Catholic school it was not permitted, if seen by the nuns it was dealt with immediately, and harshly. Children learn by example.

    • ClownPonders says:

      I truely believe the justice system is not hard enough on people who bully others, something needs to be done and soon.

  6. Cat Forsley says:

    Hey New blogger friend —— I couldn’t agree with You more ——–Seriously Hurts to be around bullies and to have been around bullies – i imagine the little ones are going to feel the waves – of this as time goes by -=AWARENESS = EDUCATION = TOLERANCE = COMPASSION = UNDERSTANDING ——— 🙂 WELL WRITTEN ……..AND I WROTE AN ARTICLE – SIMILAR – CALLED “EACH CHILD ” —- SIMILAR VIBE TO YOURS ——

    • ClownPonders says:

      Thank you i shall go and read it now 🙂

      • Cat Forsley says:

        BEST XX Cat

  7. carinaragno says:

    love this, we must try to remember bullies are scared people with inferiority issues. they were more than likely abused or bullied themselves. love is all there is 🙂
    thank you for great share

    • ClownPonders says:

      There are also some who just bully others for fun, theres many people like that around my area, its horrible 😦 Im glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  8. You have written an excellent poem on a subject which is causing many kids to either shy away from school,drop outs and even suicides….yes something has to be done cos people may not agree but kids can be mean and those kids ( bullies) have psychological problems and in many cases severe insecurity.. which if not sorted out early will bring up a disturbed adult

    • ClownPonders says:

      The main reason behind writing this was that many people have gone through some form of bullying in their lives so many people would be able to relate to it. Something needs to be done about it sooner rather than later because there are many people suffering daily because of it. 😦

  9. Katrina says:

    Wonderful poem, I wish more people would speak out against this horrible crime, and yes its an actual crime, just because its committed mostly my underage children doesn’t change what it is.
    Thanks for the post

    • ClownPonders says:

      The problem is that to many children are to scared to say anything just incase nothing happens and the abuse just gets worse 😦

  10. bloohmoon says:

    I am a victim from youth until now. It ain’t easy and it is wrong. I feel ashamed of myself sometimes for ending up here but I’ve began to fight back with every little bit of strength I have left. Beautiful and touching poem.

    • ClownPonders says:

      Theres no need to be ashamed, they are the ones that will feel ashamed when they finally grow up and realise how bad it is. Im a strong believer of karma so im sure they will get whats coming to them eventually. 🙂

  11. G.D. Hardin says:

    i think there is an answer. For I believe the strong should stand up for the weak and in each classroom there is a hero waiting to be born. And as parents if we preach to stand up for others in need, then maybe that hero will rise.
    It is hard for Adults to solve matters in a child’s world.

  12. This is a great poem. I work with first graders and it breaks my heart that bullying has become such a huge problem in our schools, with kids killing themselves…it’s terrible. I just shared the link to this poem on my facebook page!

  13. bipolarmuse says:

    Bravo! Wonderfully said…

  14. sued51 says:

    A very important topic…thanks for writing and posting it!

  15. ansuyo says:

    The poem does bring out some great points. I think sometimes the reasons people bully and get bullied are the same. Both are trying to meet some need, but in different ways. We need to figure out how to stop bullying. That comes first. Then we need to look at helping bullies gain some better social/living skills and helping the bullied deal with the consequences and get their power back. Angie

  16. Gillian says:

    Standing ovation for this one. Gillian

  17. emilyrt says:

    This is incredible. Wonderfully written and so relevant. I haven’t been bullied personally, but I have a couple friends who are immensely so. It’s definitely a big issue in our world and it needs to be addressed. It’s a voice like yours that will help raise awareness and get the message out.
    Thank you for writing this!! 🙂

  18. living4bliss says:

    Awesome poem about a very important subject.

    Adults have gotten lazy about teaching children to respect others. Teachers used to monitor children’s conversations on the playground and correct these issues before they became big problems. Now it seems that everyone makes excuses for not doing something sooner when we hear about the school shooting or the teen suicide.

    We need to all take responsibility and speak up.

    Thank you so much for this poem.

  19. dovandael says:

    Many questions still remain on this subject and I am sad to say that. Looking at all the comments … I find myself in a support group. Thank you. I have a 9 year old whoms life is being tortured by others because of his name. We never intended this but we moved to another country and his name is a name of a fish here and is being used on april 1. So every year all the bullies get there go at my boy and for some it goes on year round. It has taken me this far that he is visiting a psychiatrist now and I hope that with our and their support we will beat this for ever, one day I am sure, he will stand his ground and nothing will keep him from achieving the best for himself.
    With love

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