A Lonely Addict (Freestyle)

A Lonely Addict (Freestyle)

He lived in a small home,
With no social interaction,
He found himself all alone,
In a fragile zone,
With no money,
With no one to love,
Just blood stained rugs,
And class A drugs,
But eventually he used all them drugs,
And had no money to get more,
Them drugs were his only escape,
Now his mind was sore,
Feeling was something he hadn’t felt in a while,
Slowly fading,
His future futile,
With no one to witness his hardship,
His mind became more and more ghastly,
He needed more drugs right away,
Before he became more and more nasty,
But with no money,
More drugs never came,
He was deprived of his narcotics,
Which turned him insane,
He would sit in the corner,
Speaking to himself,
This rundown man,
Had decaying mental health,
His mind didn’t agree with this drug free altercation,
He wanted to do something deplorable,
His body filled with anger and frustration,
His blood itched with ongoing irritation,
He couldn’t deal with his deranged mentality,
Eradicating his life was the easy way,
His brain telling him to cause a fatality,
Cause he’s too weak and fading away,
He talked himself into it,
He was the opposite of apprehensive,
He grabbed a rope,
And went on the offensive,
As he was ending his own life,
He realised it was such a waste,
A life with nothing to show,
Only the problems it faced,
This life was a loss,
Not many people knew he existed,
But could he have turned it around,
If his mind just resisted???

A Freestyle Poem By Corey Booth – 13/02/12 🙂

22 comments on “A Lonely Addict (Freestyle)

  1. UponAtlas says:

    This is soooo unbelievably good. And the message at the end… so so true. Good work!

  2. Simon Whitmore says:

    Good poem. I liked that you shows how the drugs had messed up his mind

  3. Kirk Rehn says:

    Very beautiful. And so true at the end. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that the mind does resist. And then it all seems so hopeless at the end. But really there were chances all along to help yourself, to get help, to become something different. You just can’t recognize them because your mind blocks the opportunities. Very poignant poem.

  4. Paradox S says:

    I love it!

  5. pivoine68 says:

    Very nice! An accurate portrayal of the hell of addiction.

  6. Joci says:

    beautiful sadness

  7. edwardmykle says:

    Beautiful work, Corey!

  8. Pete Armetta says:

    ADDICTION KILLS. I don’t get mad or incensed about much generally, but when someone is addicted to pills and drugs it just scares me and makes me mad too.

    It’s the devil!

    Love this freestyle rompin’! 🙂


  9. ITallBear says:

    Keep writing! This is wonderful work! I’ll be looking forward to more!

  10. milenanik3 says:

    Reblogged this on Milenanik3's Blog and commented:

  11. a1abwriter says:

    i like this alot. I could see this as a independent short film. Very nice

  12. Raw and truthful, the word choice and style reflected the subject matter well

  13. as long as there is life… there is hope. take away life, you take away hope. I truly believe no situation is unchangable with time, dedication, hard work, & hope…. but you need hope. you are right, we have to truly resist with our minds, not just resist, but fight. we have to fight for hope at different points in our life. & while your poem was a sad one, it makes the point…: IT COULD HAVE BEEN DIFFERENT. So can everything. we should always remember there is hope & to do what we can to bring it’s fruits to light. thank you for sharing this, Milenanik3!

  14. trieuan29 says:

    I love this!!! Sounds so artistic!

  15. Wow, an intense poem. Love it..

  16. Jamie Elizabeth Danielle Weise says:

    I LOVE this.

  17. Wow! Very powerful! This poem gave me chills, because this story is so familiar. I just lost someone in almost this same way. This is a reality that is harsh, and though sad, it is unfortunately, for so many, too true.

    • ClownPonders says:

      Sorry for your loss 😦 Many are in this situation, that’s what good the freestyle flowing, its so sad

  18. Sad and so very true of the people I have known that used. Its a shame they get so lost.

  19. lizzie says:

    Nice makes me want to start flowing again. Miss those days when the words would flow so lovely on paper. Now that’s beauty….

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