Under Pressure

Under Pressure

Legs start shaking,
The heart has sunk,
Full body aching,
Mind has shrunk.

Words don’t arrive,
Tongue is ensnared,
Unable to contrive,
Eyesight is  impaired.

Feeling the fretfulness,
Loaded with stress,
In entire unhappiness,
Thoughts are a mess.

Mouth is desiccated,
Incapable to adapt,
Mentally devastated,
Idea’s are trapped.

Have you felt like this,
When you’re under pressure,
Wedged in an abyss,
At the end of your tether?

I for one have felt it,
On a regular basis,
I actually embrace it,
In all it’s different cases.

Pressure is natural,
Something everyone goes through,
From Comedians and Singers,
To the president too.

So it’s not just you,
It’s something everyone will feel,
Just pull through,
And get over the ordeal.

A Poem By Corey Booth – 22/02/12 🙂

40 comments on “Under Pressure

  1. Pete Armetta says:

    Terrific! Very motivating, and terrific picture too! 🙂


  2. willofheart says:

    I love this piece, fantastic lines and image

  3. Mira Jay says:

    That’s what we really need to hear when our ground shakes..
    nice piece

  4. Therese says:

    whew! Been feeling like that lately because of deadlines at school… meh… :///
    nevertheless, loved the poem! ^_^

  5. humerous rhyme and great poetry
    the funny side of stress
    that we all see
    in our work and lives each day
    stress makes its mark
    in so many different ways
    untill we shake and break down too
    as nerves give in and our body tells
    its had enough too
    you summed this subject up
    so perfectly stress is like this in reality.

    well done corey very well put.

  6. visionary7 says:

    Wow you have definitely improved from just the first time I read one of your poems. It shows when someone practices their trade sir. Just check the spelling on through* 😉

  7. thomag1 says:

    very nice. i like the rhythm, too.

  8. columbibueno says:

    So happy for you! Hope you get the job!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. kosmicklown says:

    Wow! cool I love it!

  10. rskoryal says:

    Oh wow, you’ve got so many fans! I’m impressed. haha, this poem is so cute! Ever thought of writing a children’s book?

  11. jactherat says:

    Hi Corey – really like your work.
    Can I be an English teacher? I think your work would benefit from getting your words right – eg homophones – its/its – their/there/they’re.
    With poetry it’s (it is) the precision that matters as much as the content and feeling.
    Remember Oscar Wilde (I think!) who spent the whole morning taking a comma out and the afternoon putting it back in again.
    Hope you don’t mind.
    I think you have great potential and with some attention to these sorts of details you could be great.
    Keep writing. Jac

  12. Humorous and empathetic as well. Like the middle part the best.

  13. Taylor says:

    I really like the first four stanzas, great work!

  14. Addie says:

    I shall remember this poem when I start feeling like the Writer’s Block is breaking free.

    Also, I’d like to thank for subscribing to my two blogs (B&B and TBP). It’s such an honor and means so much to me.

  15. Also, thank you for following my blog 🙂

  16. 90dphillips says:

    You sir, are a genius!

  17. Rivenrod says:

    Foot stompin’ classic my man!

    I want to hear it set to drums with blues harp . . .


  18. twoshovels says:

    Really great! Thanks for the follow – looking forward to more of your poetry

  19. R says:

    Yeah I feel like that sometimes too. Love the ending. Lessons for life: Just pull through!

  20. kshawnedgar says:

    Universal and motivating.

  21. Neelima says:

    Stress can be so heart stopping…and you’ve made it something manageable. Nice!

  22. love this poetic description of pressure – i can relate as I am ever under it…..

    I tagged you for a little fun stress relief 🙂 http://runningnakedwithscissors.wordpress.com/2012/02/23/i-got-tag-teamed-sounds-fun-i-know/

    🙂 Peace

  23. bariaangiela says:

    I somehow can relate on it…
    a poem for stressful days. 🙂

  24. sasagimy says:

    Ur words could express every single feeling i’ve got when um under pressure. Thnx for entertaining us with such amazing poem 🙂

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