A Homeless Child

A Homeless Child

The child wanders the streets,
day after day,
With only tattered clothes on his back,
And no where to stay,

Affection is now a memory,
From his family he got deserted,
Now he has to it on his own,
Even though he don’t deserve it,

It’s a daily struggle,
Just to find something to eat,
With holes in his shoes,
The rubbles hurting his feet,

Searching through trash,
Begging in the town,
People just turn a blind eye,
Which is getting him down,

At nights he’s a target,
To older men he’s easy pray,
He would keep his eyes open,
As in the cold he would lay,

The charity soup kitchen,
He can go to twice a week,
Full of people with addictions,
He feels to scared to even speak,

Avoiding daily abuse,
Because he’s to weak to fight,
Unhygienic and unhealthy,
With no civil or economic right,

Always witnessing violence,
Sometimes he’s on the receiving end,
Alone with no one to talk to,
At nights he prays for a friend,

In the winter its tough,
Through his ripped clothes he’s cold,
He thinks he will have this life,
Until he gets grey and old,

Him and 100 million others,
Are going through this pain,
Children getting abandoned,
Again and again.

A Poem By Corey Booth – 25/04/12

Prime (Free Verse/Writing/Style)

So I decided just to do a quick warm up rhyme before I started work on a poem idea that popped into my head earlier,  I have not posted one of these for a while now so some of my new followers might not know why I do these, all my free verses are just a quick little straight from mind to paper rhyme’s just to get the brain in gear before I start writing a poem, trust me try this before you start writing it really helps spark creativity! Anyway’s today I’ve been typing on the Laptop rather than writing on paper so I thought I would just copy and paste you the warm up rhyme! I shall post the poem I’m working on today tomorrow so make sure you come to check it out! Also remember this weeks “Poetry Challenge” is still up for this week so make sure you get your submissions in before Friday! – – – – > The Poetry Challenge 20/04/2012 – Week 6 – A Thing Of Beauty

Prime – Freestyle

I’m in my prime,
Writing a defined rhyme,
Fighting a designed crime,
The sighting said victory is mine,
It’s exciting and fine,
Typing this line,
Refining and guiding this time,
Combining and perfecting the line,
Just sublime,
Showing this poem,
Erecting, reflecting and growing,
Selecting, respecting and knowing,
That corrections are under-going,
Flowing and glowing,
Like the vision of a fire,
The recognition I require,
One day I’ll get the acquisition I desire,
I display more ambition as I get higher,
A better technician as I perspire,
Keeping motivation until I retire,
Until the end of the wire,
Until then take a seat,
I’m still blazing the heat,
I’m still raising your seat,
The thrill amazing the street,
Uphill never grazing defeat,
A skill that’s loud and never discrete,
I will fulfil I’m endowed in this beat,
Proud and here to compete,
I’m like a curse I cause stress,
Lines so diverse people feel hope-less,
Times will get worse more job-less,
A country in reverse but nevertheless,
Here’s a free verse for Word Press.

Warm Up Rhymes By Corey Booth

A Thing Of Beauty

A Thing Of Beauty

Life is a thing of beauty,
Where you see many different faces,
Increase knowledge daily,
And explore many different places,
Go through many different emotions,
From happy to sad,
And witness many different things,
From the good to the bad,
Where you make wrongs into rights,
Where you learn from mistakes,
Where you fall in love,
And have to deal with heart-brakes,
Experience arguing with parents,
And maybe becoming one too,
And being in a situation,
Where you don’t know what to do,
Watching technology change,
Growing from young to old,
Stripping down when its hot,
And wrapping up when its cold,
Watching flowers blossom,
Observing the animals play,
And viewing the sunrise,
At the very break of day,
You only have one life,
So everything you should be giving,
Because you wont be able to relive,
The life that you are now living.

A Poem By Corey Booth – 20/04/12  

“Ring” “Ring”

“Ring” “Ring”

“Ring” “Ring”
Goes the telephone,
“Ring” “Ring”
But no one’s home,

I continue to call,
Still no reaction,
“Ring” “Ring”
With no pick up action,

“Ring” “Ring”
Still no reply,
A constant “Ring”
And I don’t know why,

Again I Try,
Again no luck,
“Ring” “Ring”
Frustration has struck,

I will just be quick,
It will not take long,
“Ring” “Ring”
On the line you belong,

Why do you elude me,
I need guiding,
“Ring” “Ring”
And you’re still hiding,

Just Answer,
This is enough,
The noise of the “Ring”
Is getting tough,

Now I’m worried,
This is not fair,
“Ring” “Ring”
At the phone I stare,

No “Ring” “Ring”
The line is dead,
No more “Ring”
With nothing said,

With connection lost,
Will I ever find,
The conversation I need,
With my own mind.

A Poem By Corey Booth – 20/04/12  

The One Who

The One Who


The one who has little hope,
The one who has nothing but a dream,
The one who everyone expects to fail,
The one who is alone with no team.
The one who is willing to persevere,
The one who has a heart of granite,
The one who never gives up,
The one who takes on the planet,
The one who is up for the challenge,
The one who practices constantly,
The one who knows what to do,
The one who has a no quit policy,
The one who always keeps faith,
The one who dedicates their existence,
The one who carries on daily,
The one who always shows persistence,
The one who never shakes their head,
The one who never tastes defeat,
The one who breaks through all boundaries,
The one who never says their beat,
The one who overcomes all odds,
The one who finally succeeds,
The one who deserves the credit,
The one who always proceeds,
The one who achieves their goals,
The one who receives gratitude,
The one who proves people wrong,
The one who has the positive attitude.

A Poem By Corey Booth – 09/04/2012

A Game

A Game

A day which will be an emotional Rollercoaster,
Where the strongest humans can be brought to tears,
Their sentiments will be on view like a poster,
The Casino is a place of peoples love and fears.
The contrast of different lights shine intensely,
The atmosphere’s filled with vast elation,
Fellow competitors seat confidently yet tensely,
Focussed and positive they eye up the competition.
The dealer takes a seat and the contest begins,
Many ego’s collide with great force,
The contestants who stay calm pull all the strings,
Players bust out as from the chips they divorce.
As the player count drops and the excitement rises,
Concentration decreases and mistakes are made,
Chip stacks continue to drastically change sizes,
Feeling mixed feelings from enthusiasm to afraid.
Perspiration and tiredness during the final stages,
The heat from the lights is physically draining,
Mind fatigue makes them go over decisions for ages,
Patience is more than a virtue when there’s only two remaining.
All the chips are in the middle of the table,
Adrenaline surging throughout their poised physique,
The moment makes them nervous and unstable,
Both with one goal, being a champion they seek.
The cards are turned and a winner is crowned,
In a state of shock and bewildered they stand,
They may still be in disbelief but their immensely proud,
With a head in the sky they have no time to land.
This was just one day of playing poker,
Where each game will never be the same,
You could be conservative or the table joker,
Poker is much more than just a game……

A Poem By Corey Booth – 06/04/12

R.I.P Nan

R.I.P Nan.

Sadly my grandmother passed away on the 28/03/2012, her name was Beryl and she was the strongest woman I have ever met in my life.
Her funeral is going to be held on the 05/04/2012 where I have been asked by all family members to compose a poem and read it out during the funeral ceremony, this opportunity I proudly accepted!
A little bit of background information for you so you all understand the poem, My grandmother had a sweet shop in the front of her house which she made her career from for 54 years! Her husband and my grandfather will be referred to as Pop, I know that’s weird but for some reason he has made all his grandchildren call him that haha!
If you had witnessed what this remarkable woman has been through in her life you would realise how much of a soldier and fighter she was, so here’s the poem I’m going to read on the day, thanks for reading! 🙂

On the 28th of March,
My Grandmother passed away,
After so many battles,
The Warrior finally had her day.

Today we celebrate her life,
The way she would have wanted us to,
By remembering the good times,
And having a pint or two.

She was such a strong woman,
An inspiration to many,
While we had daily complaints,
She never had any.

Her face always wore a smile,
She was always upbeat,
An incredible lady,
That didn’t know the meaning of defeat.

Beryl was never down,
Even in gloom she made light,
She took on any challenge,
No matter how hard the fight.

She had two wonderful daughters,
Named Dianne and Karen,
Followed then by GoldenBalls,
Better known as Darren.

She worked all her life,
54 years of owning a shop,
But I bet that weren’t as hard,
As living with Pop.

Her hair shone like pearls,
Her eyes as blue as the sky,
When the children didn’t have money,
She would turn a blind eye.

How the shop made a profit,
That we will never know,
Such a good will attitude,
That just never seemed to go.

She was always on the move,
She would never stop,
But now she can rest in peace,
As we will look after Pop.

A huge thanks to Karen, Dianne and Darren,
Who looked after her right until the end,
More than a mother to you all,
She was also a friend.

She was our sunshine,
That would break through any mist,
That will never be forgotten,
And will always be missed.

Rest In Peace Nan ❤
Corey x