First Love

First Love

We will always remember our first love,
At the time they were the only thing we could think of,
On our mind from the morning until the night,
The thing you would turn to when nothing went right,
My first love was pickled onion crisps,
Which took all attention off the my mothers cooked chips,
It was heaven in my mouth from the beautiful flavour,
Every moment from every crisp I had to savour,
The crumbs off my fingers would get licked away,
And I slurped the empty packed without delay,
They had to come with me where ever I went,
Because I got motivation from their delightful scent,
They knew that I wanted them and they also wanted me,
My favourite snack I thought they will always be,
But my love for them did finally end,
They were no longer my lover but just a friend,
I found something that satisfied me even more,
So the pickled onion stayed in the kitchen drawer,
What stole my heart was a chocolate cake,
A high calorie feast that my mother would bake,
But my first love I know I will never forget,
And maybe choosing the cake one day I’ll regret,
To me they will always be a delicious potato snack,
And they will still be in the drawer if I ever wanted them back.

A Poem By Corey Booth -03/05/12 🙂

By the way everyone the title is a hint for this weeks “poetry challenge” which will be posted later today 😉  

23 comments on “First Love

  1. Jueseppi B. says:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    I never heard of these pickled onion crisps, but the poem is so cool. Thank you “ClownRhymes”.

  2. jymiely says:

    oooh, loved the onion crisp, and the challenge.. will wait for it 🙂
    loved the poem,it made me drool over the crisp and the cake tsk thank you:)

    • ClownPonders says:

      It will be up in about 4 hours time 😀
      Haha I was hungry when I wrote it so the emotion was raw lmao1

      • jymiely says:

        haha! the same with me as I wrote my piece ” I Hate Money”.. well, the title speaks for itself, check it out if you have time 🙂

  3. I’m afraid I don’t like the pickled onion flavour…. it has to be the flaming hot flavour with a large glass of cold milk to follow!!
    Mmmmm put’s thinking cap on for poems about pickled onions 😀

  4. wendystrohm says:

    Oh I love this Corey! Thank you!

  5. Love that it’s referring to a snack food.

  6. trappedalone says:

    Reblogged this on trappedalone and commented:
    Nicely written

  7. Susan Michaels says:

    too funny! Made me smile and think twice about chocolate :/

  8. This is…cute! haha I was actually eating chips when I read it. Weird. Excited for the poetry challenge! I might actually enter this week! 🙂

  9. eof737 says:

    I enjoyed this poem… we can all remember some detail of our first love. 😉

  10. MissCaryl says:

    Love it! made me giggle going down memory lane of burger rings, sunny boys and pringles 😛

  11. pivoine68 says:

    My first love was Pringles too MissCaryl! Great poem Corey.

  12. First Love

    I held you tight
    and clung to you,
    my love for you untold.
    I stared into you deep brown eyes,
    my heart was yours to hold.

    So soft to touch,
    I kept you close,
    I kissed your furry ears.
    My love, my friend, my confidante,
    my darling teddy bear.

    You shared my secrets,
    calmed my fears,
    as you watched over me.
    You’ve watched me grow over the years,
    a birthday gift at three.

    You stood by me,
    in hours of need,
    and protected me at night.
    When I was ill, you’d comfort me,
    and soothe me ‘til the light.

    I cried for you,
    and made a fuss,
    my teddy bear most dear,
    hanging wet upon the line,
    one peg upon each ear.

    We’ve had our scrapes,
    both you and me,
    but survived them none the less;
    the time the dog played tug o’ war…
    but I sewed back your head.

    Now I’m grown,
    no more a child,
    It’s you that I adore.
    Although you’re bald, you’re my first love,
    my one eyed teddy bear.

    © First Love 2012
    By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

  13. Jennifer Murphy says:

    Spicy Tomato Snaps for me, very much before your time I’m afraid 🙂 x

  14. This was beautifully sweet!

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