A Bipolar Point Of View



Bipolar is the name,
That’s what made her flip at her boss,
A conversation so little,
That made her feel so cross,

Her unshared beliefs,
Are what got her in the wrong,
One minute her mind was there,
The next it had gone.

She retreats to her home,
Thoughts racing through her head,
She is anxious and worrying,
Over all the stuff she has said.

At the time it was the correct way,
She was confident she was in the right,
I guess her poor judgement let her down,
Now she hopes it will be alright.

She continues to sit there,
Feeling euphoric and high,
One minute she’s calm and collected,
The next she is wanting to die.

Along with her risky behaviour,
She feels extreme irritability,
Feeling like a loose cannon,
Suicide is a possibility.

She finally heads out of the house,
To get booze and drugs to take away the stress,
At one point she was feeling like a genius,
Now she’s in a mess.

She buys excessively,
On things she don’t even need,
From clothes and toiletries,
To vodka and weed.

She goes back home,
And starts to hear things around her,
She’s starting to panic,
And the noise’s seem to grow louder.

These noises have been caused,
By her increased deficiency of sleep,
And her lack of concentration,
Which has made her mind very weak.

All of a sudden she is back on track,
Analysing what she has done,
Thinking about what she has caused,
And how it can be undone.

She has manic depression,
A character of two sides,
What she says isn’t in her control,
It’s her brain that decides.

A poem by Corey Booth – 30/06/13

Twitter – @CoreyPoetry

The Mirror


The Mirror

The Mirror represents an image,
Not the person you are,
It don’t show what you have been through,
It just shows the scar.

The Mirror represents an image,
It does not show where you have been,
Nor the trouble that was there,
And what you have seen.

The Mirror represents an image,
An appearance it does contain,
Even though it can see some emotions,
It cannot feel your pain.

The Mirror represents an image,
A portrait it will display,
But it does not enclose the worry,
That you go through everyday.

The Mirror represents an image,
It sees reflections on a daily basis,
It cannot see peoples sorrow,
Just their faces.

The Mirror represents an image,
It don’t feel the stress,
It is just a reflection,
Nothing more, nothing less.

A Poem By Corey Booth – 24/06/13