The Distance Relationship – Part 1 – A Letter To Her


The Distance Relationship – Part 1 – A Letter To Her

I might not be there today,
And I still won’t be there tomorrow,
But my love won’t go away,
And I can feel your sorrow.

This is starting to kill me,
It’s pulling on my heart strings,
It’s tugging so strongly,
That I’m weak and my heart stings

Can you feel my pain?
This is killing me inside,
It will never be the same,
Not having you here by my side.

These days are bleak,
I can’t give you my affection,
I’m feeling so weak,
As I’m not there for your protection.

I’m missing you so bad,
I bet you hate it when I am gone,
I look at pictures we have had,
And that keeps me strong.

I even miss you being mad at me,
And all the funny things you say,
You brighten up reality,
Even when it’s pale and grey.

As I sleep here alone,
Miles away from you at night,
I think of your breathing tone,
And pretend to hold you tight.

My body aches for you,
Now I’m feeling sore,
The way you move your body,
Leaves me wanting more.

I crave to get intimate,
It’s the desire I need,
My love for you is infinite,
My expectations you exceed.

You are like the sun,
You keep me warm when I am cold,
You are the one,
I want to be with when I’m old.

Without you I’m nothing,
I can’t wait to re unite,
I will give you all my loving,
And we can snuggle all night.

You endured the worst of me,
Grateful I will be forever,
So I will give you the best of me,
For as long as we are together.

Our love won’t be undone,
No matter what,
Because you are the one,
The only one I’ve got.

So I guess for now it’s goodbye,
Remember you are my life,
I ask you Please don’t cry,
My soon to be wife.

A poem by Corey Booth 16/07/13… 🙂
Twitter – @CoreyPoetry

17 comments on “The Distance Relationship – Part 1 – A Letter To Her

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  2. Way Words by Sterling says:

    Looking forward to see where you two take this, great concept

  3. I love it….this made me cry

  4. hieudao2803 says:

    Long distance relationship!! I know the hardship and tasted the pain. Guess we can’t chose who we love. Great stuff.

  5. venxnev says:

    I think I enjoyed your poem more than her reply. Though both are beautifully written.
    Awaiting both~

  6. Oh I love this idea! Lately I have been thinking more of joint writing projects as I engage in them off blog =) Fantastic work

  7. I am in a real long distance relationship from 3 years (India – California) and i exactly know how it feels 🙂 thanx for the share

  8. Can’t wait to read all four of the series 🙂 Loved it!

    PS: Thank you for the follow too.

  9. shresthapablo says:

    I was in a long distance relationship too. I could feel a connection with this poem. Good one sir!!

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