Truth Or Truth – My Life #1


Truth or Truth – My Life #1

Truth or truth,
Here it goes…

Being the best is my philosophy,
I know I’m not but I’ve got to be,
Because in my mind I am the prophecy,
So I guess that’s why I expect a lot of me.
Is that why I’m so down?

For years I have been my families rock,
Absorbing the pain,
I make everything look better,
Like they are the picture,
And I am the frame,
Will I ever be the same?
Have I only got myself to blame…?

I guess there’s only so much one mind can take,
Maybe being that rock was a big mistake,
Didn’t realise how much stress it could make,
Now I see darkness as soon as I awake…
My minds like an earth quake…
That’s high on the richter scale,
Just a useless, idiotic white male,
Tired looking eyes and quite pale,
But I will prevail…
Well that’s what I keep telling myself,
Can’t believe this stress is affecting my health,
I always thought happiness could be bought with wealth,
But it turns out your thoughts are what puts joy in yourself…
And my thoughts are drowning me,
That’s what’s causing the down in me,
What makes it worse is I have a clown in me,
Now I’m here having a breakdown with me..

But I keep telling myself I will get through it,
You know what I will get through it,
People just have to understand and leave me to it,
Because I am the one who has to do,
But I will do it… I promise…

This has been straight from the heart,
From the last line to the very start,
This is not my whole life just a part,
But I hope in my next chapter this wont restart..
Because this has tore me apart…

Thanks for listening,

This truth or truth is mine,
Far from poetic,
Just raw emotion every line…

28 comments on “Truth Or Truth – My Life #1

  1. visionary7 says:

    Bro, poetry is supposed to be an expression of the heart. When you try and “create” a masterpiece then you just end up like everyone else. For when you display truth in your work and people understand what beauty is within you, you will understand that your gift has been aching to jump into the minds of others and that your followers have been praying for what you are giving them; yourself. Also, you will be unique and will have an edge over most other “artists.” Keep soul searching and stay diligent and persistent because it always pays off for the ones that refuse to fail. Great poem.

    • ClownPonders says:

      That is really well said! Thanks for the advice. I am glad you enjoyed it, I hope to see a post from you in this weeks poetry challenge which will be “truth or truth” πŸ™‚

  2. A powerful and honest piece – fabulous πŸ™‚

  3. Greetings and thanks for visiting my blog, always nice to meet another poet. Truth or Truth sounds like a great promt/challenge, I’m going to have a go! Kind regards and best wishes, keep smiling and keep writing, from baldy πŸ™‚

  4. are you a rapper? because you should be one. These lyrics…..just…amazing…

  5. speluska says:

    While reading your poem I could feel your pain… This freaked me out, because my pain was doubled! Amazing poem…

  6. yasminmayeh1 says:

    This is really deep, amazing poem !! looking forward to reading more of you blog! keep it up
    ps. thanks for the follow πŸ™‚

  7. Meka says:

    Ok I hope to finally actually be able to leave a comment this time– there’s always something. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing such a personal work. It’s both strong and lovely! And thanks for all the support you’ve shown to my little blog during my time here. I appreciate it! -lovemeka

  8. your words make pain sound like pure pleasure – you haven’t only touched others, you’ve, more importantly, done yourself justice. Thank you for visiting my blog. Best.

  9. brian miller says:

    followed over from mindlovemisery…pretty cool verse….trying to be that rock for the familyis not easy work….and there is a point where you can only take so much before you begin to feel empty…i can relate on those lines…best poetry comes from the heart as well…very nice rhythm in this….

  10. I can also relate to your lyrics or poems. I worked in care for 14 years and lost my job 2 years ago, so know exactly how you feel.

  11. Enjoying your poetry. Love the rhythm and honesty. Love this line:
    “But it turns out your thoughts are what puts joy in yourself…”
    ‘Tis true, ’tis very true.

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