The 3rd World

The 3rd world

The 3rd World

Think of all the people,
In the 3rd world forsaken,
Onlookers of brutality,
Feeling terrified and shaken.
While we sit comfortable,
Only on TV we see violence,
While they listen to bloodshed,
We can go to sleep in silence.
They pray at night,
To end their pain and sorrow,
We pray at night,
To win the lottery tomorrow.
We have amazing health care,
We can go whenever we need to go,
They have next to no healthcare,
Which means their life expectancy is low.
Plagued with diseases,
People are left there to die,
Parents watch their children waste away,
And all they can do is cry.
That would never happen here,
Every child deserves to live,
But the power is out of our hands,
All we can do is give.
Without any electricity,
At night they sit in the dark,
Only when the gun fire starts,
Will they ever see a spark.
Their land is a waste ground,
Infested with pollution,
Children searching for food,
And we have no solution.
There’s no education there,
No one can read or write,
Children with no prospects,
This is just not right.
Malnourished and unhappy,
They may have to go days without a meal,
While we can just order a take-away,
Can you imagine how they feel?
They drink dirty water,
While we waste litres every day,
They are the meaning of poverty,
We are different in every way.
But we are all humans,
Its unfair our lives are so different,
But it will stay the same,
As any change seems so distant.
They have next to nothing,
While we get the latest in technology,
Neglected from the life they deserve,
They are owed more than an apology…

A Poem By Corey Booth – 14/08/13
Twitter – @CoreyPoetry …… πŸ™‚

41 comments on “The 3rd World

  1. yasminmayeh1 says:

    ashamed to say that this is our reality, good job you really talented! πŸ™‚

  2. yasminmayeh1 says:

    Reblogged this on One Can Only Express Himself In So Many Words and commented:
    The 3rd World, ashamed to say that this is our reality!

  3. xthumbelina says:

    They pray at night,
    To end their pain and sorrow,
    We pray at night,
    To win the lottery tomorrow.

    that is so sad yet true. Proof how divided the world really is. As if our brains were created by two different species.

    Loved it.

  4. semperfivet says:

    So sad…my thoughts & feelings, there are so many good people needing for good folks to reach out and nourish these people with food, medical, ministry, and lots and lots of love!

  5. kebsmaliz23 says:

    Reblogged this on kebsmaliz23 and commented:
    This is perfect.

  6. I’m from Pakistan and today is our Independence Day. With non-stop monsoon rains since days so many people are homeless because their houses are flooded and they lost all they earned all year. Despite that so much distress because of poverty, drone attacks and instability. Living in the capital Islamabad, I have witnessed terrorist attacks near my home. But we are still hopeful for a brighter future, lesser enemies and a peaceful country. God bless the WORLD!

  7. Nelson says:

    Like a tale of two worlds…
    Excellent piece!

  8. Yet all around us we hear privileged people in developed countries grumbling about the weather, about a bad-hair day, a zit on their face, dinner being late, the supermarket daring to be out of some item such as a favourite chocolate bar.

    Thanks for a reality check. A very thoughtful and moving bit of writing.

  9. KyannaKitt says:

    That was very intriguing. I like how you did not hold back or try to glamorize the situation in anyway. Excellent piece. I did enjoy it so.

  10. jbjfan2009 says:

    Wow! Powerful stuff! Seems to be a day for melancholy…good job!

  11. justme792 says:

    Beautiful and powerful poem!

  12. Excellent, powerful and sadly true, Corey!

  13. Sandra Macacua says:

    My country Philippines is now one of the 3rd world country. Luckily in my part I’m financially stable yet some of my countrymen suffers a lot. When you say poor people in my country it means, no money, no food and no shelter. Instead of playing around and have fun, children spend their time working all day and all night to have a single penny to buy food to fill their empty stomach or to feed their family. A plate of rice with a salt is enough for their dinner together with the 7 members of their family. But they still can give you a priceless smile after all their sufferings.
    Thank you for this truthful reality check! Amazing work! Looking forward for more. πŸ™‚

  14. L.M.Steel says:

    Wow, this is really powerful, and beautifully written.x

  15. theprodigalthinker says:

    Well said. Powerful work.

  16. Shirley R Graceya says:

    nice one! πŸ™‚

  17. fikayo says:

    deep words. deep deep deep.

  18. Well, young man from Wales, this is a deep reflection of reality. Moving and riveting. I thank you for sharing your thoughts. I particularly liked the line: In the 3rd world forsaken,
    Onlookers of brutality,
    Feeling terrified and shaken…

    Keep on!

  19. poetsmith246 says:

    Moving and articulate poem, Corey. Yes, its so true. Heartfelt thoughts put so beautifully in words. Keep up your creative writing!

  20. Helen Ross says:

    Reblogged this on Helen Ross writes and commented:
    A reality check. Powerful words from a talented poet that I follow (blog wise). Corey always speaks from the heart and doesn’t mince words.

  21. Helen Ross says:

    Hi Corey. Your words are certainly a reality check. A very moving piece that I have re blogged at Helen Ross writes.

  22. Amazing words my brother!

  23. turhonmcdowell says:


  24. samueldpoetry442 says:

    I love this poem. D imagery makes d situation over pathetic. Disaster is everywhere in the world and Nigeria my nation is not exception where rich cares only for more leading to all sorts of atrocities. Good post God bless you bro

  25. zab says:

    This is real and raw, good in so many ways, i like the comparisons and the empathy for thise less fortunate than us.

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    You’ve an amazing blog and wonderful posts!
    I wished to contact you, but did not find a suitable contact ID, so could you please drop in your email ID on

  27. intergalactic poet says:

    Great piece! Inspiring!

  28. Hi there!
    This is a painfully true portrayal of the world we live in (I am from Nepal, one of the so-called third world countries) – but true in the “material” sense only. I am not offended, honestly, but in our defense, we might lack the material-wealth but I can assure you that we are spiritually richer. Because, in the end, it’s how you can touch your sister’s cheeks with love every once in a while that actually matters. Not how you can hit “like” on her photograph on your latest smartphone.

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