Loose Term


Loose Term

“This music is making me depressed”,
“This film is making me depressed,
“There’s nothing to do, I’m so depressed”,
“This writing is making me depressed”….

People say to me,
“What you write is Emo”,
What that really means though,
Even though the words ain’t alive,
I actually make it seem so.
When they say that though,
It makes me proud of the words I’ve put on the shelf,
I’m putting my pen to paper,
While conquering the inner evil that lurks inside myself,
People can actually feel the story,
Even though it has no health…

Lets just remember,
These are the people,
Who have never suffered with the term,
And even though they think they know the true meaning,
They have never felt it’s true burn..
I guess what I’m trying to say,
People who make these remarks,
Are the people who have never been depressed,
So I understand what they are saying,
While hoping they never get that demon as a guest…

A poem by Corey Booth – 21/03/16

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2 comments on “Loose Term

  1. ((Hugs))) ❤️❤️

  2. Azul Zaffre says:

    Wow, I can really relate to this…and it kind of drives me crazy (no pun intended) when I have the misfortune of talking to someone who’s never experienced depression. I wonder if they’re in denial, or putting on a brave and false front–and if they’re telling the truth, I confess I envy them.

    I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get over here to see you. Your name is familiar, so I’m guessing I knew you from one of my earlier blogs. Anyway, I wish you well–I know the struggle can be exhausting (for me, it is). Take care of you.

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