In The Shadows


In The Shadows

In the shadows,
I stand there,
Not being perceived,
In the shadows,
Going nowhere,
With nothing achieved.
In the shadows,
I am hushed,
Not making a sound,
In the shadows,
I’m crushed,
Into the ground.
In the shadows,
Of society,
I’m a recluse,
In the shadows,
So silently,
Not letting loose.
In the shadows,
I’m isolated,
Observing all,
In the shadows,
I begin to fall.
In the shadows,
Feeling ignored,
In the shadows,
And not adored.
In the shadows,
I explore,
Without a voice,
In the shadows,
Forever more,
Without a choice.
In the shadows,
My life,
Has become,
In the shadows,
My life,
Since it begun.

A poem by Corey Booth

Twitter – @CoreyPoetry

43 comments on “In The Shadows

  1. kwicksand says:

    Love it!

  2. hello dear friend i see the boy from the valleys is writing again well done corey its first one of yours ive read in a long time keep it up

  3. lalarukh1 says:

    This is lovely ! Artistic ! xx

  4. Nice poem! Thanks for posting it.

  5. kabirgandhiok says:

    Awesome, loved it 🙂

  6. matrixilluminos says:

    sad and haunting, yet rhythmic and moving, i really like this one 🙂

  7. Marlise says:

    This poem is beautiful. I deeply relate to it, it explains how I have been feeling for a while now. Thanks for sharing it!

    • ClownPonders says:

      Thank you! I’m glad people are relating to it, one day you will emerge from that shadow and be stronger than ever 🙂

  8. edgarone2 says:

    Is it shyness? Or is it the blinding light?
    Nice poem.

  9. Really nice, I love the rhythm..

  10. We’ll said! I’m a fan

  11. The way you use repetition enhances the effect of this poem, Clown.

  12. ayaadnan says:

    I can relate to this poem 😦 kudos!

  13. stephendallen says:

    Hey Corey,

    Great poem! I have been looking through your poetry and must say that you are definitely stepping from the shadows with the way you write.

    Thank you for following “Beyond The Cracked Window”, I appreciate it.


  14. Lesley Buse says:

    Great perspective!

  15. NOAEfame says:

    i am gllad I came here today. very inspirational. love your perspective

  16. NOAEfame says:

    I am glad I came here today, Very inspirational. Love your perspective about it.

  17. a great piece capturing that sense of being marginalized

  18. ClownPonders says:

    Reblogged this on CoreyPonders and commented:

    Another one of my old posts, my second favourite post, I hope you enjoy reading it as I did writing it.

  19. Beautiful. Welcome back.

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