Not wanting to live,
But not wanting to die,
Drowning in your own thoughts,
And wanting to cry.
Very low spirited,
Day after day,
Not being able to sleep,
When in bed you lay.
Irritable and impatient,
Feeling full of despair,
Even when you awake,
You’re in a nightmare.
Distancing yourself from others,
And finding it difficult to speak,
Thinking what is the point?
As the future seems bleak.
Wanting to self harm,
Battling with anxiety,
Listening to repetitive thoughts,
While sitting there so silently.
Tired with no energy,
You cant cope with the stress,
You cant make no decisions,
As your mind is a mess.
One in five get depression,
So alone you are not,
And you will get through it,
Even if your mind says you cannot.

A Poem By Corey Booth . . 🙂
Twitter – @CoreyPoetry

The 3rd World

The 3rd world

The 3rd World

Think of all the people,
In the 3rd world forsaken,
Onlookers of brutality,
Feeling terrified and shaken.
While we sit comfortable,
Only on TV we see violence,
While they listen to bloodshed,
We can go to sleep in silence.
They pray at night,
To end their pain and sorrow,
We pray at night,
To win the lottery tomorrow.
We have amazing health care,
We can go whenever we need to go,
They have next to no healthcare,
Which means their life expectancy is low.
Plagued with diseases,
People are left there to die,
Parents watch their children waste away,
And all they can do is cry.
That would never happen here,
Every child deserves to live,
But the power is out of our hands,
All we can do is give.
Without any electricity,
At night they sit in the dark,
Only when the gun fire starts,
Will they ever see a spark.
Their land is a waste ground,
Infested with pollution,
Children searching for food,
And we have no solution.
There’s no education there,
No one can read or write,
Children with no prospects,
This is just not right.
Malnourished and unhappy,
They may have to go days without a meal,
While we can just order a take-away,
Can you imagine how they feel?
They drink dirty water,
While we waste litres every day,
They are the meaning of poverty,
We are different in every way.
But we are all humans,
Its unfair our lives are so different,
But it will stay the same,
As any change seems so distant.
They have next to nothing,
While we get the latest in technology,
Neglected from the life they deserve,
They are owed more than an apology…

A Poem By Corey Booth – 14/08/13
Twitter – @CoreyPoetry …… 🙂

The Cancer Moment


The Cancer Moment

She’s sat in the hospital,
Waiting for an answer,
The doctor calls her in,
And says “you have been diagnosed with cancer.”

Her heart starts to race,
So she takes a deep breath,
As the doctor calmly explains,
There is a probability of death.

Her face frozen stiff,
She doesn’t say a word,
A petrified picture,
It was the scariest thing she’d ever heard.

Her lip started shaking,
And her eyes shed a tear,
As the doctor went over procedures,
She trembled there in fear.

In total denial,
Not taking in the information,
She thinks it must be a nightmare,
But in reality its a tragic situation.

He explained the chemotherapy,
Will give her sensitive skin,
Make her feel tired,
And make her blonde locks thin.

Stuttering her words,
She says she’s aware of the risks,
While sitting back in her chair,
Clenching her fists.

In a total state of shock,
Her body feeling numb,
She finally comes to terms,
At what her life has now become.

With a fluttering in her stomach,
And a thumping in her heart,
She gets up from her seat,
As her new life begins to start.

A poem by Corey Booth – 20/07/13
Twitter – @CoreyPoetry

A Bipolar Point Of View



Bipolar is the name,
That’s what made her flip at her boss,
A conversation so little,
That made her feel so cross,

Her unshared beliefs,
Are what got her in the wrong,
One minute her mind was there,
The next it had gone.

She retreats to her home,
Thoughts racing through her head,
She is anxious and worrying,
Over all the stuff she has said.

At the time it was the correct way,
She was confident she was in the right,
I guess her poor judgement let her down,
Now she hopes it will be alright.

She continues to sit there,
Feeling euphoric and high,
One minute she’s calm and collected,
The next she is wanting to die.

Along with her risky behaviour,
She feels extreme irritability,
Feeling like a loose cannon,
Suicide is a possibility.

She finally heads out of the house,
To get booze and drugs to take away the stress,
At one point she was feeling like a genius,
Now she’s in a mess.

She buys excessively,
On things she don’t even need,
From clothes and toiletries,
To vodka and weed.

She goes back home,
And starts to hear things around her,
She’s starting to panic,
And the noise’s seem to grow louder.

These noises have been caused,
By her increased deficiency of sleep,
And her lack of concentration,
Which has made her mind very weak.

All of a sudden she is back on track,
Analysing what she has done,
Thinking about what she has caused,
And how it can be undone.

She has manic depression,
A character of two sides,
What she says isn’t in her control,
It’s her brain that decides.

A poem by Corey Booth – 30/06/13

Twitter – @CoreyPoetry

A Homeless Child

A Homeless Child

The child wanders the streets,
day after day,
With only tattered clothes on his back,
And no where to stay,

Affection is now a memory,
From his family he got deserted,
Now he has to it on his own,
Even though he don’t deserve it,

It’s a daily struggle,
Just to find something to eat,
With holes in his shoes,
The rubbles hurting his feet,

Searching through trash,
Begging in the town,
People just turn a blind eye,
Which is getting him down,

At nights he’s a target,
To older men he’s easy pray,
He would keep his eyes open,
As in the cold he would lay,

The charity soup kitchen,
He can go to twice a week,
Full of people with addictions,
He feels to scared to even speak,

Avoiding daily abuse,
Because he’s to weak to fight,
Unhygienic and unhealthy,
With no civil or economic right,

Always witnessing violence,
Sometimes he’s on the receiving end,
Alone with no one to talk to,
At nights he prays for a friend,

In the winter its tough,
Through his ripped clothes he’s cold,
He thinks he will have this life,
Until he gets grey and old,

Him and 100 million others,
Are going through this pain,
Children getting abandoned,
Again and again.

A Poem By Corey Booth – 25/04/12



Bullying to some is a touchy subject,
But defiantly not one we need to neglect,
Bullying is when someone shows deliberate aggression to another,
A constant dominance which causes the victim suffer.

It’s a relationship with unequal power,
When one causes another to cower,
The victim goes through persistent pain and distress,
This is something we need to suppress.

So what are the symptoms and signs?
Well for bullying there are many different kinds,
In school their progress could be limited,
When their spoken to they may not be interested,
The victim could burst into tears easily,
And they could run away from home frequently,
They could stop eating their food,
And be disrespectful and rude,
Walk around fearful,
Or sit there tearful,
They could dread the school walk,
And be too frightened to even talk,
Their possessions could be damaged or missing,
They may try to end the life that their living,
They may be too scared to even leave their home,
These are just some of the reasons victims shouldn’t be alone.

So why does bullying still thrive?
What is the bullies drive?
Is it because adults say “nothing can be done”?
Or is it because they think it’s big and fun?
Is it that the “Anti-bullying policy” is not effective?
Or is it that bullying is just not that detective?

How can it be reduced?
Do harder consequences need to be introduced?
Do we need more public Co-operation?
Weekly discussions to release frustration?
There could be agreed discipline procedures,
And courses to point out bullying features,
We could try to challenge myths and behaviour,
So we can do these victims a favour.

So if bullying is happening to you,
And you can’t stand the torture you go through,
Just use your voice and ask for help,
People do care, don’t silently yelp.

An Awareness Poem By Corey Booth – 08/02/12



Schizophrenia is a major mental illness that causes changes in perception, thoughts and behaviour,
With the Cannabis smoked and the stress people are under the chances of getting it are greater,
It is a complex condition that defies simple description,
But a distinction can be made between two broad types,
The most common of the two is Acute Schizophrenia,
This is when a previously healthy person starts giving off a different criteria,
It can take the form of hallucinations, irrational beliefs or disordered thoughts,
They will have to undergo interrogations,  pain reliefs and daily reports,
Mood disturbance often accompanies acute schizophrenia,
Which could be depression, anxiety, irritability or euphoria,
Emotional responses are often inappropriate for their surroundings,
For example laughing while speaking about other people drowning,
Generally, a schizophrenic knows where they are in time and place,
But still inside their mind their in a confused space,
With auditory hallucinations, suspiciousness and thoughts spoken aloud,
They have their own opinions, their careless but they can turn it around,
With the belief they are under the control of another influence,
Desperately seeking that feeling of insouciance,
They believe that thoughts are being put into or taken out of their mind,
So the best place for them is the hospital to help them unwind,
A schizophrenic may have different perceptions of the world to the rest of us,
This is the fear and anxiety coming out and they need people they can trust,
Sufferers may become preoccupied with certain issues,
Some of them sad which will drive you to tissues,
They may express paranoid ideas or respond to the hallucinations they experience,
Hearing people’s voices that aren’t there but to get better they need resilience,
The second type is called chronic schizophrenia which is a long-term state,
Which includes social withdrawal and an inability to concentrate,
Left to their own devices, they may spend long periods of time doing nothing,
It’s like their wearing mental disguises,  Both them and their families suffering,
As with the acute state, hallucinations and delusions are common,
But lucky for suffers  nowadays help is always there as an option,
Under activity and slowness with neglect to appearance,
This help is a bonus which will help their perseverance,
One in a hundred people will develop schizophrenia in their lifetime,
So let’s spread the symptoms and the awareness and give them a lifeline.

A Poem By Corey Booth 27/10/11

Help Them Find Their Voice (Child Abuse Symptoms)

Help Them Find Their Voice

In the blistering heat,
The child wore clothes,
To hide her sores,
She got told not to expose,

Refusal to explain injuries,
Left her open to more hurt,
Bald patches on her head,
Clothes full of dirt,

Self destructive tendencies,
Aggression towards others,
With parents as enemies,
Everyday she suffers,

Fear of physical contact,
Shrinking back if touched,
Her posture is compact,
On her teddy she clutched,

Constantly hungry,
Poor personal hygiene,
Just wants food in her tummy,
And a loving mummy,

Has untreated medical problems,
No social relationships,
Fear of any new situation.
This isn’t in life’s scripts,

This is child abuse,
Help them find their voice,
Put an end to the confuse,
This life isn’t their choice.

A Poem By Corey Booth 18/10/11

A Story Of Depression

A Story Of Depression

Depression, a state of low mood and aversion to activity,
You cant sleep at night because your brains in captivity,
Without any sleep everyday tasks are now physically demanding,
All day you weep, you cant cope with the stress your withstanding,
Your depression is psychological, physical and social,
No one knows how bad it is because your not being vocal,
It’s quite evident that you have very low self-esteem,
But in your life its usual, just an everyday theme,
With all these negative thoughts you feel hopeless and helpless,
Your whole family is now worrying about your mental wellness,
Cant eat food, your appetite has now completely vanished,
In a constant sad mood your conscience is always anguished,
Regularly in agony with unexplained aches and pains,
But with no will power to get it sorted so the torture remains,
Irritable, short tempered, more aggressive than usual,
As each day passes you agree professional help is more suitable,
But you dont seek that help instead you turn to the Whiskey,
Drinking bottle after bottle not caring if its risky,
After all this drink you start to think that life is not worth living,
You now want to stop your heart with no care about the grief you will be leaving,
So you decide it will be a good idea to end your life during drunken aggression,
Still clutching on to your Whiskey, a cruel end thanks to depression.

A Poem By Corey Booth Created On 29/09/11 🙂