Together Forever….?


Together Forever….?

Together forever,
That’s what we said,
Maybe the commitment is alive,
But the love is truly dead.
Dead and gone,
This relationship is fiction,
We cant even communicate,
Without it ending in friction.
My diligence,
Keeps this viable,
The way you treat me,
Is not justifiable.
You’re neglectful,
Do I even exist?
The only contact I get,
Is the force of your fist.
Your sardonic comments,
Crush my soul,
Now I’m in to deep,
To get out of this hole.
We sailed together,
Now our boats have started to drift,
Took a chance on each other,
But was it worth the risk?
I can’t trust you,
I’m questioning my devotion,
We cant communicate,
Without causing a commotion,
When I see you,
I await the lies,
The only reason I haven’t left,
Is because I hate goodbyes.
You’re always right,
I’m always wrong,
The question is,
Will you miss me when I’m gone?

A poem by Corey Booth -01/07/13

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February 14th Valentines Day!

February 14th Valentines Day!

February the 14th,
Valentine’s day,
The day of love,
The day you say,
How much you love,
How much you care,
How much you smile,
And how much you stare,
To the one you love,
To the one you admire,
To the one you adore,
To the one you desire,
A day of emotion,
A day of affection,
A day of devotion,
A day of connection,
That day of giving,
That day of receiving,
That day of forgiving,
And never leaving,
The day to show truth,
The day to show passion,
The day to show proof,
In a high fashion,
The day for lovers,
The day for friends,
The day for others,
You wish never ends,
A day of guarantee,
A day of feeling,
A day of security,
And love revealing,
So on this day,
Say “I love you”
Because they might say,
“I love you too.”

A Poem By Corey Booth – 14/02/12 🙂

You’re My

You’re My

You’re my best friend,
You’re my lover,
And you’re better,
Than any other,

With your smile,
With your hips,
You have my heart,
Doing flips,

Clear pale skin,
A natural beauty,
Making you happy,
Is now my duty,

The perfect body,
A luscious brunette,
That one face,
I will never forget,

You make me happy,
You make me complete,
Give me a rush,
That nothing can beat,

We just clicked,
From the start,
Our hearts are one,
They will never part,

You’re my Air,
You’re my life,
And one day,
Will be my wife.

A Love Poem By Corey Booth – 05/02/12