In The Shadows


In The Shadows

In the shadows,
I stand there,
Not being perceived,
In the shadows,
Going nowhere,
With nothing achieved.
In the shadows,
I am hushed,
Not making a sound,
In the shadows,
I’m crushed,
Into the ground.
In the shadows,
Of society,
I’m a recluse,
In the shadows,
So silently,
Not letting loose.
In the shadows,
I’m isolated,
Observing all,
In the shadows,
I begin to fall.
In the shadows,
Feeling ignored,
In the shadows,
And not adored.
In the shadows,
I explore,
Without a voice,
In the shadows,
Forever more,
Without a choice.
In the shadows,
My life,
Has become,
In the shadows,
My life,
Since it begun.

A poem by Corey Booth

Twitter – @CoreyPoetry




Look inside my soul,
At the demons that lie within,
Look inside my soul,
I’m willing to let you in.
Peer at the carnage,
That lies deep inside,
Peer at the carnage,
That can’t be justified.
Gaze at my ghost,
And see my sinister past,
Gaze at my ghost,
And see how long you last.
Glare through those angel eyes,
At the slaughter I’ve applied,
Glare through those angel eyes,
At the darkness I provide.
Glimpse within my body,
At the hellfire in my veins,
Glimpse within my body,
At the demons it contains.
How are you going to feel,
When you snoop inside my mind?
How are you going to feel,
About the corruption you will find?
As a person you will change,
When you observe this inner gore,
As a person you will change,
With this misery you cant ignore.
You will never be the same,
When you see what I have done,
You will never be the same,
These sins cannot be undone.

A poem by Corey Booth 12/07/13 …… 🙂
Twitter – @CoreyPoetry




On the 23rd of May 3 years ago tomorrow my first cousin passed away, this is the poem I recited at his funeral.


Memories will always be remembered,
They will always be stored in the mind,
Even when we are down on them bad days,
Our memories will be there to find.

Its mad how things change,
So many years have passed,
Just yesterday we were winding up Nan,
The time has gone too so fast.

You always said really long words,
Because you were so clever,
I had to carry a dictionary around,
Whenever we were together.

At Susan’s fancy dress party,
We were there with a wicked grin,
While Mitch pinched Nan Zena’s sausages,
I was taking Gordons Gin.

On Nan and Grandads Anniversary,
Singing, out loud too Bon Jovi.
Up in my room was me, Mitch and Sophie,
Along with Aimee, Tom, Alex and Jodi.

In front of my mirror,
The girl’s danced all night,
Mitch and I wanted to scarper,
They gave us a fright.

Not seen much of you these past few years,
We have only spoke online,
But all of these memories I have of you,
They are always going to be mine.

Like at my fathers Birthday,
They thought us playing wouldn’t be a hassle,
That all quickly changed,
When we fell off the bouncy castle.

All them weekends down Grandads caravan,
Having barbecues in the sun,
Stealing the adults WKD,
Then chilling having fun.

We are going to miss you so much,
Me, The family and all your friends too,
As a cousin I really feel blessed,
To have a guardian angel like you.

Thanks for everything Mitch,
The world couldn’t of been graced with a nicer guy,
So from everyone here today,

R.I.P Mitch
By Corey Booth – Twitter – @CoreyPoetry

Loose Term


Loose Term

“This music is making me depressed”,
“This film is making me depressed,
“There’s nothing to do, I’m so depressed”,
“This writing is making me depressed”….

People say to me,
“What you write is Emo”,
What that really means though,
Even though the words ain’t alive,
I actually make it seem so.
When they say that though,
It makes me proud of the words I’ve put on the shelf,
I’m putting my pen to paper,
While conquering the inner evil that lurks inside myself,
People can actually feel the story,
Even though it has no health…

Lets just remember,
These are the people,
Who have never suffered with the term,
And even though they think they know the true meaning,
They have never felt it’s true burn..
I guess what I’m trying to say,
People who make these remarks,
Are the people who have never been depressed,
So I understand what they are saying,
While hoping they never get that demon as a guest…

A poem by Corey Booth – 21/03/16

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Without hope what would we be?
Without light what would we see?
Without money how would we live?
Without problems how would we give?
Without knowledge how would we learn?
Without heat how would we burn?
Without optimism what would we believe?
Without dreams what would we achieve?
Without emotions how would we cry?
Without life how would we die?

A Poem By Corey Booth…. 🙂
Twitter – @CoreyPoetry

Dreary Setting


Dreary Setting

Bleak exterior,
Gloomy skin,
Cheerless coating,
Overloaded bin,
Cold appearance,
Drab face,
Dusky façade,
Murky space,
Dull cover,
Joyless aspect,
Dreary rind,
Visibly wrecked,
Dismal interior,
Lugubrious feel,
Somber setting,
No appeal.

A poem by Corey Booth – 07/07/13

The Mirror


The Mirror

The Mirror represents an image,
Not the person you are,
It don’t show what you have been through,
It just shows the scar.

The Mirror represents an image,
It does not show where you have been,
Nor the trouble that was there,
And what you have seen.

The Mirror represents an image,
An appearance it does contain,
Even though it can see some emotions,
It cannot feel your pain.

The Mirror represents an image,
A portrait it will display,
But it does not enclose the worry,
That you go through everyday.

The Mirror represents an image,
It sees reflections on a daily basis,
It cannot see peoples sorrow,
Just their faces.

The Mirror represents an image,
It don’t feel the stress,
It is just a reflection,
Nothing more, nothing less.

A Poem By Corey Booth – 24/06/13

First Love

First Love

We will always remember our first love,
At the time they were the only thing we could think of,
On our mind from the morning until the night,
The thing you would turn to when nothing went right,
My first love was pickled onion crisps,
Which took all attention off the my mothers cooked chips,
It was heaven in my mouth from the beautiful flavour,
Every moment from every crisp I had to savour,
The crumbs off my fingers would get licked away,
And I slurped the empty packed without delay,
They had to come with me where ever I went,
Because I got motivation from their delightful scent,
They knew that I wanted them and they also wanted me,
My favourite snack I thought they will always be,
But my love for them did finally end,
They were no longer my lover but just a friend,
I found something that satisfied me even more,
So the pickled onion stayed in the kitchen drawer,
What stole my heart was a chocolate cake,
A high calorie feast that my mother would bake,
But my first love I know I will never forget,
And maybe choosing the cake one day I’ll regret,
To me they will always be a delicious potato snack,
And they will still be in the drawer if I ever wanted them back.

A Poem By Corey Booth -03/05/12 🙂

By the way everyone the title is a hint for this weeks “poetry challenge” which will be posted later today 😉  

One Life, One Chance,

One Life, One Chance !

You have one life, one chance,
To let dreams become reality,
It looks difficult at first glance,
So you need to change your mentality,

The journey is the reward,
Life is not over until its over,
Every idea needs to be explored,
You are your own four leaf clover,

Where there’s a will there’s a way,
Giving up is for the weak,
Seize the moment and capture the day,
And be your biggest critique,

Pain is just weakness leaving the body,
What don’t kill you just makes you stronger,
Head held high when things get rocky,
Plan and prepare for even longer,

You are built not to shrink down,
But to blossom into more,
Turn any negative around,
And come back more forceful than before,

An obstacle is often a stepping stone,
Which the toughest will get past,
Not scared to fight the unknown,
They fear coming last,

Always set the trail,
Never follow the path,
Your main goal is to never fail,
Let life feel your wrath,

It is never to late,
To become what you might have been,
Maybe its fate,
To start living what you dream,

The purpose of life is a life of purpose,
So don’t just waste it away,
Be the main attraction in this global circus,
Because life’s a game which you have to play,

Things don’t change, but you can,
The sky is the target and not the limit,
Don’t get carried away just stick to the plan,
Because you can reach the moon if you have the spirit.

A Poem by Corey Booth – 03/05/12 🙂 

A Thing Of Beauty

A Thing Of Beauty

Life is a thing of beauty,
Where you see many different faces,
Increase knowledge daily,
And explore many different places,
Go through many different emotions,
From happy to sad,
And witness many different things,
From the good to the bad,
Where you make wrongs into rights,
Where you learn from mistakes,
Where you fall in love,
And have to deal with heart-brakes,
Experience arguing with parents,
And maybe becoming one too,
And being in a situation,
Where you don’t know what to do,
Watching technology change,
Growing from young to old,
Stripping down when its hot,
And wrapping up when its cold,
Watching flowers blossom,
Observing the animals play,
And viewing the sunrise,
At the very break of day,
You only have one life,
So everything you should be giving,
Because you wont be able to relive,
The life that you are now living.

A Poem By Corey Booth – 20/04/12