Inebriated Generation (The Power Of “Tion” 3)

So here is the 3rd instalment of The Power Of “Tion series! Please check out the 1st and 2nd editions in the links below, hope you enjoy!
1st edition – Since I Met You (The Power Of “Tion” 1)
2nd edition – WWW. (The Power Of “Tion” 2)


Inebriated Generation (The Power Of “Tion” 3)

A world full of mass intoxication,
Drunken aggravation,
Tipsy youth intimidation,
With celebrity manipulation.
A different modernisation,
A culture modification,
Which glamorises inebriation,
Through television visualisation.
Different identification,
With no determination,
And no aspiration,
At their own obligation.
A downfall of a generation,
For their own glorification,
Wasting all their education,
With constant relaxation.
No care for their reputation,
Alcohol infatuation,
They love incrimination,
It’s cool to be on probation.
Morale obliteration,
Behaviour with no justification,
Don’t care for information,
Or their own rehabilitation.
After this observation,
I’m getting the indication,
There’s a boozing acceleration,
Sweeping right across this nation.
Which could be the annihilation,
Of the young association,
So lets stop this fascination,
And start this rectification.

A poem by Corey Booth 15/07/13 … 🙂
Twitter – @CoreyPoetry

WWW. (The Power Of “Tion” 2)

Concept internet communication

WWW. (The Power Of “Tion” 2)

I try to show my Imagination,
in a lyrical illustration,
To become a brilliant donation,
That can be viewed all across the nation,
Thanks to the world-wide web creation,
We can all have global communication,
Can get hold of any information,
Just log on for a quick observation,
Or to check an email notification,
Bringing together the Earth’s population,
The internet does have one imperfection,
It can cause cyber humiliation,
This can be racial discrimination,
Or someone’s victimization,
That’s there for everyone’s visualization,
Can cause behaviour modification,
So the internet does have a reputation,
Sometimes it can be a miscalculation,
But its outstanding for socialization,
It can cause disrespectful irritation,
You need to use it to gain a qualification,
And it can help you reaching your graduation,
It’s a daily use in this generation,
Children to grandparents take participation,
But this is just my observation,
On the internet’s domination,
I hope you have enjoyed this presentation.

A Poem By Corey Booth – 24/11/11 🙂

Since I Met You (The Power of “Tion”)


Since I Met You

Since I met you, you have been my inspiration,
Just looking at them lips leads me into temptation,
You’re defiantly one of God’s greatest donations,
A walking, talking holiday, you are my salvation.

You’re the demonstration of a beautiful earth creation,
An alive illustration of a woman’s glorification,
If you’re ever in trouble I’ll be there for your protection,
There forever because I’ve caught your infection.

You dont need a home, my hearts your accommodation,
The love I have for you is strong, not an exaggeration,
Everyday that passes I have a higher love intensification,
You have saved my life, you gave me a logic operation.

You leave me with goosebumps with your sexy flirtation,
My heart is pumping, your affecting my circulation,
Dry mouth, left out of breath and in need of hydration,
Beautiful you’re more entertaining than any Ipod application.

Starting to think marriage might be a consideration,
I just need to ask your father for the verification,
Now i have the verification i need your association,
Just say “Yes” and make me the happiest man in the nation 🙂

A Poem By Corey Booth 30/09/11 🙂