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Not wanting to live,
But not wanting to die,
Drowning in your own thoughts,
And wanting to cry.
Very low spirited,
Day after day,
Not being able to sleep,
When in bed you lay.
Irritable and impatient,
Feeling full of despair,
Even when you awake,
You’re in a nightmare.
Distancing yourself from others,
And finding it difficult to speak,
Thinking what is the point?
As the future seems bleak.
Wanting to self harm,
Battling with anxiety,
Listening to repetitive thoughts,
While sitting there so silently.
Tired with no energy,
You cant cope with the stress,
You cant make no decisions,
As your mind is a mess.
One in five get depression,
So alone you are not,
And you will get through it,
Even if your mind says you cannot.

A Poem By Corey Booth . . 🙂
Twitter – @CoreyPoetry

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The 3rd World

The 3rd world

The 3rd World

Think of all the people,
In the 3rd world forsaken,
Onlookers of brutality,
Feeling terrified and shaken.
While we sit comfortable,
Only on TV we see violence,
While they listen to bloodshed,
We can go to sleep in silence.
They pray at night,
To end their pain and sorrow,
We pray at night,
To win the lottery tomorrow.
We have amazing health care,
We can go whenever we need to go,
They have next to no healthcare,
Which means their life expectancy is low.
Plagued with diseases,
People are left there to die,
Parents watch their children waste away,
And all they can do is cry.
That would never happen here,
Every child deserves to live,
But the power is out of our hands,
All we can do is give.
Without any electricity,
At night they sit in the dark,
Only when the gun fire starts,
Will they ever see a spark.
Their land is a waste ground,
Infested with pollution,
Children searching for food,
And we have no solution.
There’s no education there,
No one can read or write,
Children with no prospects,
This is just not right.
Malnourished and unhappy,
They may have to go days without a meal,
While we can just order a take-away,
Can you imagine how they feel?
They drink dirty water,
While we waste litres every day,
They are the meaning of poverty,
We are different in every way.
But we are all humans,
Its unfair our lives are so different,
But it will stay the same,
As any change seems so distant.
They have next to nothing,
While we get the latest in technology,
Neglected from the life they deserve,
They are owed more than an apology…

A Poem By Corey Booth – 14/08/13
Twitter – @CoreyPoetry …… 🙂

The Distance Relationship – Part 3 – Reunited

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The Distance Relationship – Part 3 – Reunited

I walked in,
And there you were,
I couldn’t speak,
I could only slur.
Like the moonlight at night,
Your face shone with beauty,
Now making you happy,
Will be my duty.
I drained out my emotion,
Through the tears of my eyes,
They were like a dripping tap,
And yours were like-wise.
You ran into my arms,
To a goddess I was clutching,
An elegance not matched,
A real princess I was touching.
Stroking the anatomy of perfection,
I was back where I belonged,
I just wish my time with you,
Could some how be prolonged.
We have been down for so long,
Our happiness has been a drought,
But today that all changed,
As the rain has come out.
My adrenaline was pumping,
Euphoria flowing through my veins,
Lots of energy and passion,
Is what our love still retains.
The same girl I left,
Was the same girl when I returned,
Just with a bigger smile,
And a little more concerned.
I have been wandering through the desert,
Dehydrated, dry and warm,
Then you came along,
And provided me the storm.
This time we have had apart,
Has made us so strong,
And I hope you keep that strength,
Next time that I’m gone.
And I am sure you will,
As we are now as tough as leather,
Both were broken pieces,
That have been put back together.
You are the only girl in the world for me,
Like my names Adam and you are Eve,
So lets enjoy this time we have together,
Before I pack my bags and have to leave…

By Corey Booth – 10/08/13
Twitter – @CoreyPoetry




The prospects prosper,
Their a product of progress,
Programmed to propel,
With a promise to produce.
They are a proud project,
With a proceeding processor,
They are proven prodigies,
Which make them a profiting product.
Now professional property,
They are propelled to production,
Producing and promoting,
Without prolonged protection.
They proclaim proactiveness,
They are prolific protégé’s,
Who live a prohibited problem,
And have a prominent prosecution.

A Poem By Corey Booth …. 🙂
Twitter – @CoreyPoetry

Truth Or Truth – My Life #1


Truth or Truth – My Life #1

Truth or truth,
Here it goes…

Being the best is my philosophy,
I know I’m not but I’ve got to be,
Because in my mind I am the prophecy,
So I guess that’s why I expect a lot of me.
Is that why I’m so down?

For years I have been my families rock,
Absorbing the pain,
I make everything look better,
Like they are the picture,
And I am the frame,
Will I ever be the same?
Have I only got myself to blame…?

I guess there’s only so much one mind can take,
Maybe being that rock was a big mistake,
Didn’t realise how much stress it could make,
Now I see darkness as soon as I awake…
My minds like an earth quake…
That’s high on the richter scale,
Just a useless, idiotic white male,
Tired looking eyes and quite pale,
But I will prevail…
Well that’s what I keep telling myself,
Can’t believe this stress is affecting my health,
I always thought happiness could be bought with wealth,
But it turns out your thoughts are what puts joy in yourself…
And my thoughts are drowning me,
That’s what’s causing the down in me,
What makes it worse is I have a clown in me,
Now I’m here having a breakdown with me..

But I keep telling myself I will get through it,
You know what I will get through it,
People just have to understand and leave me to it,
Because I am the one who has to do,
But I will do it… I promise…

This has been straight from the heart,
From the last line to the very start,
This is not my whole life just a part,
But I hope in my next chapter this wont restart..
Because this has tore me apart…

Thanks for listening,

This truth or truth is mine,
Far from poetic,
Just raw emotion every line…




Without hope what would we be?
Without light what would we see?
Without money how would we live?
Without problems how would we give?
Without knowledge how would we learn?
Without heat how would we burn?
Without optimism what would we believe?
Without dreams what would we achieve?
Without emotions how would we cry?
Without life how would we die?

A Poem By Corey Booth…. 🙂
Twitter – @CoreyPoetry

The Distance Relationship – Part 2 – The Night Before

What you have missed:
Part 1 – A Letter To Her

distant relationships

The Distance Relationship – Part 2 – The Night Before

Its the night before,
I re unite with my wonderful lady,
Its the night before,
I’m back with my exquisite baby.

Butterflies in my stomach,
Ready to get released from their cage,
Ready to disperse into the air,
As soon as our bodies engage.

I feel a sense of euphoria,
Every time I hear her name,
Just a few hours now,
Before we can re kindle our flame.

I smile just thinking of her smile,
Her teeth with that radiant shine,
She’s just so beautiful,
It’s hard to believe she’s mine.

Pacing back and for,
Not being able to chill out,
Thinking about being with her,
And making up for the time without.

I can’t wait to lay in bed,
And feel our bodies touch,
I want to place her palm in mine,
And to her hand I will clutch.

The increasing sense of anticipation,
Is causing the shivering of my nerves,
Waiting to smooth through her locks,
And roll my hands down her curves.

Trying to relax on the chair,
But my legs continue to rock,
Feeling an irritated elation,
While hearing the ticking of the clock.

Her and I are like a jigsaw puzzle,
That cannot play whenever,
Because we have become separate,
But tomorrow we will come back together.

I know she’s not a doctor,
But she can heal my wounded heart,
And my appointment is tomorrow,
That’s when the recovery will start.

Just one more working day,
Then back in my arms she will be,
Just like it should be,
Us two together, her and me.

A poem by Corey Booth – 23/07/13….. 🙂
Twitter – @CoreyPoetry

The Cancer Moment


The Cancer Moment

She’s sat in the hospital,
Waiting for an answer,
The doctor calls her in,
And says “you have been diagnosed with cancer.”

Her heart starts to race,
So she takes a deep breath,
As the doctor calmly explains,
There is a probability of death.

Her face frozen stiff,
She doesn’t say a word,
A petrified picture,
It was the scariest thing she’d ever heard.

Her lip started shaking,
And her eyes shed a tear,
As the doctor went over procedures,
She trembled there in fear.

In total denial,
Not taking in the information,
She thinks it must be a nightmare,
But in reality its a tragic situation.

He explained the chemotherapy,
Will give her sensitive skin,
Make her feel tired,
And make her blonde locks thin.

Stuttering her words,
She says she’s aware of the risks,
While sitting back in her chair,
Clenching her fists.

In a total state of shock,
Her body feeling numb,
She finally comes to terms,
At what her life has now become.

With a fluttering in her stomach,
And a thumping in her heart,
She gets up from her seat,
As her new life begins to start.

A poem by Corey Booth – 20/07/13
Twitter – @CoreyPoetry