Help Them Find Their Voice (Child Abuse Symptoms)

Help Them Find Their Voice

In the blistering heat,
The child wore clothes,
To hide her sores,
She got told not to expose,

Refusal to explain injuries,
Left her open to more hurt,
Bald patches on her head,
Clothes full of dirt,

Self destructive tendencies,
Aggression towards others,
With parents as enemies,
Everyday she suffers,

Fear of physical contact,
Shrinking back if touched,
Her posture is compact,
On her teddy she clutched,

Constantly hungry,
Poor personal hygiene,
Just wants food in her tummy,
And a loving mummy,

Has untreated medical problems,
No social relationships,
Fear of any new situation.
This isn’t in life’s scripts,

This is child abuse,
Help them find their voice,
Put an end to the confuse,
This life isn’t their choice.

A Poem By Corey Booth 18/10/11