“Ring” “Ring”

“Ring” “Ring”

“Ring” “Ring”
Goes the telephone,
“Ring” “Ring”
But no one’s home,

I continue to call,
Still no reaction,
“Ring” “Ring”
With no pick up action,

“Ring” “Ring”
Still no reply,
A constant “Ring”
And I don’t know why,

Again I Try,
Again no luck,
“Ring” “Ring”
Frustration has struck,

I will just be quick,
It will not take long,
“Ring” “Ring”
On the line you belong,

Why do you elude me,
I need guiding,
“Ring” “Ring”
And you’re still hiding,

Just Answer,
This is enough,
The noise of the “Ring”
Is getting tough,

Now I’m worried,
This is not fair,
“Ring” “Ring”
At the phone I stare,

No “Ring” “Ring”
The line is dead,
No more “Ring”
With nothing said,

With connection lost,
Will I ever find,
The conversation I need,
With my own mind.

A Poem By Corey Booth – 20/04/12