R.I.P Nan

R.I.P Nan.

Sadly my grandmother passed away on the 28/03/2012, her name was Beryl and she was the strongest woman I have ever met in my life.
Her funeral is going to be held on the 05/04/2012 where I have been asked by all family members to compose a poem and read it out during the funeral ceremony, this opportunity I proudly accepted!
A little bit of background information for you so you all understand the poem, My grandmother had a sweet shop in the front of her house which she made her career from for 54 years! Her husband and my grandfather will be referred to as Pop, I know that’s weird but for some reason he has made all his grandchildren call him that haha!
If you had witnessed what this remarkable woman has been through in her life you would realise how much of a soldier and fighter she was, so here’s the poem I’m going to read on the day, thanks for reading! 🙂

On the 28th of March,
My Grandmother passed away,
After so many battles,
The Warrior finally had her day.

Today we celebrate her life,
The way she would have wanted us to,
By remembering the good times,
And having a pint or two.

She was such a strong woman,
An inspiration to many,
While we had daily complaints,
She never had any.

Her face always wore a smile,
She was always upbeat,
An incredible lady,
That didn’t know the meaning of defeat.

Beryl was never down,
Even in gloom she made light,
She took on any challenge,
No matter how hard the fight.

She had two wonderful daughters,
Named Dianne and Karen,
Followed then by GoldenBalls,
Better known as Darren.

She worked all her life,
54 years of owning a shop,
But I bet that weren’t as hard,
As living with Pop.

Her hair shone like pearls,
Her eyes as blue as the sky,
When the children didn’t have money,
She would turn a blind eye.

How the shop made a profit,
That we will never know,
Such a good will attitude,
That just never seemed to go.

She was always on the move,
She would never stop,
But now she can rest in peace,
As we will look after Pop.

A huge thanks to Karen, Dianne and Darren,
Who looked after her right until the end,
More than a mother to you all,
She was also a friend.

She was our sunshine,
That would break through any mist,
That will never be forgotten,
And will always be missed.

Rest In Peace Nan ❤
Corey x