A Story Of Depression

A Story Of Depression

Depression, a state of low mood and aversion to activity,
You cant sleep at night because your brains in captivity,
Without any sleep everyday tasks are now physically demanding,
All day you weep, you cant cope with the stress your withstanding,
Your depression is psychological, physical and social,
No one knows how bad it is because your not being vocal,
It’s quite evident that you have very low self-esteem,
But in your life its usual, just an everyday theme,
With all these negative thoughts you feel hopeless and helpless,
Your whole family is now worrying about your mental wellness,
Cant eat food, your appetite has now completely vanished,
In a constant sad mood your conscience is always anguished,
Regularly in agony with unexplained aches and pains,
But with no will power to get it sorted so the torture remains,
Irritable, short tempered, more aggressive than usual,
As each day passes you agree professional help is more suitable,
But you dont seek that help instead you turn to the Whiskey,
Drinking bottle after bottle not caring if its risky,
After all this drink you start to think that life is not worth living,
You now want to stop your heart with no care about the grief you will be leaving,
So you decide it will be a good idea to end your life during drunken aggression,
Still clutching on to your Whiskey, a cruel end thanks to depression.

A Poem By Corey Booth Created On 29/09/11 🙂