Bullying to some is a touchy subject,
But defiantly not one we need to neglect,
Bullying is when someone shows deliberate aggression to another,
A constant dominance which causes the victim suffer.

It’s a relationship with unequal power,
When one causes another to cower,
The victim goes through persistent pain and distress,
This is something we need to suppress.

So what are the symptoms and signs?
Well for bullying there are many different kinds,
In school their progress could be limited,
When their spoken to they may not be interested,
The victim could burst into tears easily,
And they could run away from home frequently,
They could stop eating their food,
And be disrespectful and rude,
Walk around fearful,
Or sit there tearful,
They could dread the school walk,
And be too frightened to even talk,
Their possessions could be damaged or missing,
They may try to end the life that their living,
They may be too scared to even leave their home,
These are just some of the reasons victims shouldn’t be alone.

So why does bullying still thrive?
What is the bullies drive?
Is it because adults say “nothing can be done”?
Or is it because they think it’s big and fun?
Is it that the “Anti-bullying policy” is not effective?
Or is it that bullying is just not that detective?

How can it be reduced?
Do harder consequences need to be introduced?
Do we need more public Co-operation?
Weekly discussions to release frustration?
There could be agreed discipline procedures,
And courses to point out bullying features,
We could try to challenge myths and behaviour,
So we can do these victims a favour.

So if bullying is happening to you,
And you can’t stand the torture you go through,
Just use your voice and ask for help,
People do care, don’t silently yelp.

An Awareness Poem By Corey Booth – 08/02/12