On the 23rd of May 3 years ago tomorrow my first cousin passed away, this is the poem I recited at his funeral.


Memories will always be remembered,
They will always be stored in the mind,
Even when we are down on them bad days,
Our memories will be there to find.

Its mad how things change,
So many years have passed,
Just yesterday we were winding up Nan,
The time has gone too so fast.

You always said really long words,
Because you were so clever,
I had to carry a dictionary around,
Whenever we were together.

At Susan’s fancy dress party,
We were there with a wicked grin,
While Mitch pinched Nan Zena’s sausages,
I was taking Gordons Gin.

On Nan and Grandads Anniversary,
Singing, out loud too Bon Jovi.
Up in my room was me, Mitch and Sophie,
Along with Aimee, Tom, Alex and Jodi.

In front of my mirror,
The girl’s danced all night,
Mitch and I wanted to scarper,
They gave us a fright.

Not seen much of you these past few years,
We have only spoke online,
But all of these memories I have of you,
They are always going to be mine.

Like at my fathers Birthday,
They thought us playing wouldn’t be a hassle,
That all quickly changed,
When we fell off the bouncy castle.

All them weekends down Grandads caravan,
Having barbecues in the sun,
Stealing the adults WKD,
Then chilling having fun.

We are going to miss you so much,
Me, The family and all your friends too,
As a cousin I really feel blessed,
To have a guardian angel like you.

Thanks for everything Mitch,
The world couldn’t of been graced with a nicer guy,
So from everyone here today,

R.I.P Mitch
By Corey Booth – Twitter – @CoreyPoetry

The Distance Relationship – Part 3 – Reunited

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The Distance Relationship – Part 3 – Reunited

I walked in,
And there you were,
I couldn’t speak,
I could only slur.
Like the moonlight at night,
Your face shone with beauty,
Now making you happy,
Will be my duty.
I drained out my emotion,
Through the tears of my eyes,
They were like a dripping tap,
And yours were like-wise.
You ran into my arms,
To a goddess I was clutching,
An elegance not matched,
A real princess I was touching.
Stroking the anatomy of perfection,
I was back where I belonged,
I just wish my time with you,
Could some how be prolonged.
We have been down for so long,
Our happiness has been a drought,
But today that all changed,
As the rain has come out.
My adrenaline was pumping,
Euphoria flowing through my veins,
Lots of energy and passion,
Is what our love still retains.
The same girl I left,
Was the same girl when I returned,
Just with a bigger smile,
And a little more concerned.
I have been wandering through the desert,
Dehydrated, dry and warm,
Then you came along,
And provided me the storm.
This time we have had apart,
Has made us so strong,
And I hope you keep that strength,
Next time that I’m gone.
And I am sure you will,
As we are now as tough as leather,
Both were broken pieces,
That have been put back together.
You are the only girl in the world for me,
Like my names Adam and you are Eve,
So lets enjoy this time we have together,
Before I pack my bags and have to leave…

By Corey Booth – 10/08/13
Twitter – @CoreyPoetry

The Distance Relationship – Part 2 – The Night Before

What you have missed:
Part 1 – A Letter To Her

distant relationships

The Distance Relationship – Part 2 – The Night Before

Its the night before,
I re unite with my wonderful lady,
Its the night before,
I’m back with my exquisite baby.

Butterflies in my stomach,
Ready to get released from their cage,
Ready to disperse into the air,
As soon as our bodies engage.

I feel a sense of euphoria,
Every time I hear her name,
Just a few hours now,
Before we can re kindle our flame.

I smile just thinking of her smile,
Her teeth with that radiant shine,
She’s just so beautiful,
It’s hard to believe she’s mine.

Pacing back and for,
Not being able to chill out,
Thinking about being with her,
And making up for the time without.

I can’t wait to lay in bed,
And feel our bodies touch,
I want to place her palm in mine,
And to her hand I will clutch.

The increasing sense of anticipation,
Is causing the shivering of my nerves,
Waiting to smooth through her locks,
And roll my hands down her curves.

Trying to relax on the chair,
But my legs continue to rock,
Feeling an irritated elation,
While hearing the ticking of the clock.

Her and I are like a jigsaw puzzle,
That cannot play whenever,
Because we have become separate,
But tomorrow we will come back together.

I know she’s not a doctor,
But she can heal my wounded heart,
And my appointment is tomorrow,
That’s when the recovery will start.

Just one more working day,
Then back in my arms she will be,
Just like it should be,
Us two together, her and me.

A poem by Corey Booth – 23/07/13….. 🙂
Twitter – @CoreyPoetry

The Distance Relationship – Part 1 – A Letter To Her


The Distance Relationship – Part 1 – A Letter To Her

I might not be there today,
And I still won’t be there tomorrow,
But my love won’t go away,
And I can feel your sorrow.

This is starting to kill me,
It’s pulling on my heart strings,
It’s tugging so strongly,
That I’m weak and my heart stings

Can you feel my pain?
This is killing me inside,
It will never be the same,
Not having you here by my side.

These days are bleak,
I can’t give you my affection,
I’m feeling so weak,
As I’m not there for your protection.

I’m missing you so bad,
I bet you hate it when I am gone,
I look at pictures we have had,
And that keeps me strong.

I even miss you being mad at me,
And all the funny things you say,
You brighten up reality,
Even when it’s pale and grey.

As I sleep here alone,
Miles away from you at night,
I think of your breathing tone,
And pretend to hold you tight.

My body aches for you,
Now I’m feeling sore,
The way you move your body,
Leaves me wanting more.

I crave to get intimate,
It’s the desire I need,
My love for you is infinite,
My expectations you exceed.

You are like the sun,
You keep me warm when I am cold,
You are the one,
I want to be with when I’m old.

Without you I’m nothing,
I can’t wait to re unite,
I will give you all my loving,
And we can snuggle all night.

You endured the worst of me,
Grateful I will be forever,
So I will give you the best of me,
For as long as we are together.

Our love won’t be undone,
No matter what,
Because you are the one,
The only one I’ve got.

So I guess for now it’s goodbye,
Remember you are my life,
I ask you Please don’t cry,
My soon to be wife.

A poem by Corey Booth 16/07/13… 🙂
Twitter – @CoreyPoetry

Together Forever….?


Together Forever….?

Together forever,
That’s what we said,
Maybe the commitment is alive,
But the love is truly dead.
Dead and gone,
This relationship is fiction,
We cant even communicate,
Without it ending in friction.
My diligence,
Keeps this viable,
The way you treat me,
Is not justifiable.
You’re neglectful,
Do I even exist?
The only contact I get,
Is the force of your fist.
Your sardonic comments,
Crush my soul,
Now I’m in to deep,
To get out of this hole.
We sailed together,
Now our boats have started to drift,
Took a chance on each other,
But was it worth the risk?
I can’t trust you,
I’m questioning my devotion,
We cant communicate,
Without causing a commotion,
When I see you,
I await the lies,
The only reason I haven’t left,
Is because I hate goodbyes.
You’re always right,
I’m always wrong,
The question is,
Will you miss me when I’m gone?

A poem by Corey Booth -01/07/13

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First Love

First Love

We will always remember our first love,
At the time they were the only thing we could think of,
On our mind from the morning until the night,
The thing you would turn to when nothing went right,
My first love was pickled onion crisps,
Which took all attention off the my mothers cooked chips,
It was heaven in my mouth from the beautiful flavour,
Every moment from every crisp I had to savour,
The crumbs off my fingers would get licked away,
And I slurped the empty packed without delay,
They had to come with me where ever I went,
Because I got motivation from their delightful scent,
They knew that I wanted them and they also wanted me,
My favourite snack I thought they will always be,
But my love for them did finally end,
They were no longer my lover but just a friend,
I found something that satisfied me even more,
So the pickled onion stayed in the kitchen drawer,
What stole my heart was a chocolate cake,
A high calorie feast that my mother would bake,
But my first love I know I will never forget,
And maybe choosing the cake one day I’ll regret,
To me they will always be a delicious potato snack,
And they will still be in the drawer if I ever wanted them back.

A Poem By Corey Booth -03/05/12 🙂

By the way everyone the title is a hint for this weeks “poetry challenge” which will be posted later today 😉  

February 14th Valentines Day!

February 14th Valentines Day!

February the 14th,
Valentine’s day,
The day of love,
The day you say,
How much you love,
How much you care,
How much you smile,
And how much you stare,
To the one you love,
To the one you admire,
To the one you adore,
To the one you desire,
A day of emotion,
A day of affection,
A day of devotion,
A day of connection,
That day of giving,
That day of receiving,
That day of forgiving,
And never leaving,
The day to show truth,
The day to show passion,
The day to show proof,
In a high fashion,
The day for lovers,
The day for friends,
The day for others,
You wish never ends,
A day of guarantee,
A day of feeling,
A day of security,
And love revealing,
So on this day,
Say “I love you”
Because they might say,
“I love you too.”

A Poem By Corey Booth – 14/02/12 🙂

Last Words

Last Words

As I lay here,
I remember your last words,
Their still circling after all these years,
“Dont let go of your dreams”
That’s what you said,
As you laid on your death bed,
These words inspired me,
Made me who I am today,
You made me stronger,
Before you went away,
You believed in me,
You got me inspired,
Now I’ll make you proud,
Since you’ve retired,
I’ll keep on writing,
Until my skills are impeccable,
All for you,
Because you were exceptional,
I’ll remove all my defects,
Until I’m perfect,
Again all for you,
Because you deserve it,
You have changed my life,
Made it so much better,
This is the reason,
For this poetic letter,
So when you see this,
Happiness please release,
I love you dearly,
Rest in peace.

A Poem By Corey Booth – 07/02/12 🙂

You’re My

You’re My

You’re my best friend,
You’re my lover,
And you’re better,
Than any other,

With your smile,
With your hips,
You have my heart,
Doing flips,

Clear pale skin,
A natural beauty,
Making you happy,
Is now my duty,

The perfect body,
A luscious brunette,
That one face,
I will never forget,

You make me happy,
You make me complete,
Give me a rush,
That nothing can beat,

We just clicked,
From the start,
Our hearts are one,
They will never part,

You’re my Air,
You’re my life,
And one day,
Will be my wife.

A Love Poem By Corey Booth – 05/02/12