In The Shadows


In The Shadows

In the shadows,
I stand there,
Not being perceived,
In the shadows,
Going nowhere,
With nothing achieved.
In the shadows,
I am hushed,
Not making a sound,
In the shadows,
I’m crushed,
Into the ground.
In the shadows,
Of society,
I’m a recluse,
In the shadows,
So silently,
Not letting loose.
In the shadows,
I’m isolated,
Observing all,
In the shadows,
I begin to fall.
In the shadows,
Feeling ignored,
In the shadows,
And not adored.
In the shadows,
I explore,
Without a voice,
In the shadows,
Forever more,
Without a choice.
In the shadows,
My life,
Has become,
In the shadows,
My life,
Since it begun.

A poem by Corey Booth

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Look inside my soul,
At the demons that lie within,
Look inside my soul,
I’m willing to let you in.
Peer at the carnage,
That lies deep inside,
Peer at the carnage,
That can’t be justified.
Gaze at my ghost,
And see my sinister past,
Gaze at my ghost,
And see how long you last.
Glare through those angel eyes,
At the slaughter I’ve applied,
Glare through those angel eyes,
At the darkness I provide.
Glimpse within my body,
At the hellfire in my veins,
Glimpse within my body,
At the demons it contains.
How are you going to feel,
When you snoop inside my mind?
How are you going to feel,
About the corruption you will find?
As a person you will change,
When you observe this inner gore,
As a person you will change,
With this misery you cant ignore.
You will never be the same,
When you see what I have done,
You will never be the same,
These sins cannot be undone.

A poem by Corey Booth 12/07/13 …… 🙂
Twitter – @CoreyPoetry

Some Days… -My Life #3



Having a conversation,
I’m the only one talking,
Embodied in a war,
In my mind it’s fought in.
Asking questions to myself,
Answered then unanswered,
Decided then undecided,
Right,left, always divided.
Anxious about being anxious,
Paranoid about being paranoid,
Depressed about being depressed,
Stressed about being stressed.
Questioning my questions,
Thinking of thinking,
Overthinking as the thoughts sink in,
Now I feel as if I am sinking.
This becomes more troublesome,
Not all understand as it only troubles some.
I guess some days,
Are better than some days,
And I hope someday,
The thoughts will go away,
Maybe one day…..

A Poem By Corey Booth 03/10/16
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A Letter To Myself

A Letter To Myself

Dear Corey,
I see you’re now 20 years old,
Wow, you’re all grown up,
With the rest of your life to unfold,
Your life could have been better,
If you done well in school,
But you chose to be the clown,
The funny class fool,
So Corey was it worth it?
Skipping maths class?
At least now you have matured,
An adult at last,
Shame you don’t have many qualifications,
Because you could go far,
But I do still believe,
That you could be a star,
I know the Welsh economy’s terrible,
It’s not your fault your unemployed,
Some credentials would have helped,
That’s the reason I’m annoyed,
You threw your education away,
Just to have a giggle,
But now your chances of getting a job,
Are very incredibly little,
But the person you are,
Is one that makes me unbelievably proud,
From that rebellious teenager,
You have turned it right around,
No longer do you drink,
And you don’t do drugs,
And no longer do you associate,
With them idiotic thugs,
I’m glad you have started writing,
Everyday you write a poem,
And they keep on improving,
I love the talent you are showing,
Well that’s all I have to say,
I’ll now leave your past behind,
I’ll speak to you soon,
Yours dearly, your mind.

A Poem By Corey Booth – 16/02/12 🙂