Prime (Free Verse/Writing/Style)

So I decided just to do a quick warm up rhyme before I started work on a poem idea that popped into my head earlier,  I have not posted one of these for a while now so some of my new followers might not know why I do these, all my free verses are just a quick little straight from mind to paper rhyme’s just to get the brain in gear before I start writing a poem, trust me try this before you start writing it really helps spark creativity! Anyway’s today I’ve been typing on the Laptop rather than writing on paper so I thought I would just copy and paste you the warm up rhyme! I shall post the poem I’m working on today tomorrow so make sure you come to check it out! Also remember this weeks “Poetry Challenge” is still up for this week so make sure you get your submissions in before Friday! – – – – > The Poetry Challenge 20/04/2012 – Week 6 – A Thing Of Beauty

Prime – Freestyle

I’m in my prime,
Writing a defined rhyme,
Fighting a designed crime,
The sighting said victory is mine,
It’s exciting and fine,
Typing this line,
Refining and guiding this time,
Combining and perfecting the line,
Just sublime,
Showing this poem,
Erecting, reflecting and growing,
Selecting, respecting and knowing,
That corrections are under-going,
Flowing and glowing,
Like the vision of a fire,
The recognition I require,
One day I’ll get the acquisition I desire,
I display more ambition as I get higher,
A better technician as I perspire,
Keeping motivation until I retire,
Until the end of the wire,
Until then take a seat,
I’m still blazing the heat,
I’m still raising your seat,
The thrill amazing the street,
Uphill never grazing defeat,
A skill that’s loud and never discrete,
I will fulfil I’m endowed in this beat,
Proud and here to compete,
I’m like a curse I cause stress,
Lines so diverse people feel hope-less,
Times will get worse more job-less,
A country in reverse but nevertheless,
Here’s a free verse for Word Press.

Warm Up Rhymes By Corey Booth