A Thing Of Beauty

A Thing Of Beauty

Life is a thing of beauty,
Where you see many different faces,
Increase knowledge daily,
And explore many different places,
Go through many different emotions,
From happy to sad,
And witness many different things,
From the good to the bad,
Where you make wrongs into rights,
Where you learn from mistakes,
Where you fall in love,
And have to deal with heart-brakes,
Experience arguing with parents,
And maybe becoming one too,
And being in a situation,
Where you don’t know what to do,
Watching technology change,
Growing from young to old,
Stripping down when its hot,
And wrapping up when its cold,
Watching flowers blossom,
Observing the animals play,
And viewing the sunrise,
At the very break of day,
You only have one life,
So everything you should be giving,
Because you wont be able to relive,
The life that you are now living.

A Poem By Corey Booth – 20/04/12  

The Magpie

The Magpie

Sitting on the train during my daily commute,
When a bird flies by and I automatically salute,
Why did this bird make me do such a thing,
Is superstition really a thing I believe in?
What bird makes me do this?  That would be a Magpie,
Does it know this when it’s flying up high?
These handsome rogue’s are internationally hated,
But did the hate start when the superstition was created?
Or is it because of their challenging attitude?
Constantly criticized for being arrogant and rude,
Or is it because they steal shiny things,
From brand new earrings to wedding rings,
Their mainly responsible for the Song Bird drop,
But that’s just nature it’s not meant to stop,
Some say they are in league with the devil,
But that’s over the top, they’re not on that level,
They are social birds that roost together,
That appear daily no matter the weather,
They are cheeky, gorgeous and intelligent birds,
Who do not care about the public’s bad words,
So do they ever cause real sorrow?
Maybe when they steal instead of borrow,
But looking at them makes me feel joy,
When their soaring around for everyone to enjoy,
Especially when you see them in many numbers,
Playing airborne in their black and white jumpers,
Even though we all know the superstition is not true,
Disrespecting this bird people will continue to do,
So stop being negative and appreciate their beauty,
As a human I think that is our duty,
So even if you see one or even ten,
Try not to salute them ever again.

A Poem By Corey Booth – 06/02/12 🙂