I’m Not The Man You See… – My Life #4



I’m Not The Man You See…..

At a point in life,
Where I’m just existing,
Swallowed by the Jaws of Depression,
I’m sure this is not what you call “living.”
Deserted by happiness,
Became friends with sadness,
I accepted that as I’m rather reserved,
While questioning if this friendship was actually deserved.
Expert in self sabotage,
Done many wrong Doings,
As I stare at my reflection.
All I see is an anatomy in ruins.
A specalist introvert,
In the foetal position questioning survival,
And only me, myself and I
Know I’m no where near finished being suicidal.
A human being that is not being,
Inside my cranium is where I’m vocal,
Many things I want to do but cannot,
Due to the trait ive aquired of being antisocial.
At the depths of the sea,
I can’t invision this man getting much older,
Waiting for one mental illness to overcome another,
That’s why I think its an insult when the doctor only calls me Bi-Polar.
Imprisoned in this world,
Without having any convictions,
Restrained behind these bars,
Where I’m out of control of my decisions.
A dream to become unshackled,
A nightmare pondering “why,”
Well to my friends Depression and Sadness,
Remember you can’t kill someone who’s ready to die….

A Poem By Corey Booth 21/03/19

Some Days… -My Life #3



Having a conversation,
I’m the only one talking,
Embodied in a war,
In my mind it’s fought in.
Asking questions to myself,
Answered then unanswered,
Decided then undecided,
Right,left, always divided.
Anxious about being anxious,
Paranoid about being paranoid,
Depressed about being depressed,
Stressed about being stressed.
Questioning my questions,
Thinking of thinking,
Overthinking as the thoughts sink in,
Now I feel as if I am sinking.
This becomes more troublesome,
Not all understand as it only troubles some.
I guess some days,
Are better than some days,
And I hope someday,
The thoughts will go away,
Maybe one day…..

A Poem By Corey Booth 03/10/16
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